Power chord for W4S STI-1000

Anyone that have noticed a significant upgrade with their W4S amps (esp W4S STI-500/1000), talking power chords?
If yes, what chord(s)?
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No suggestion? As for now, i have tried signalcable magic ref, also a swedish cable, Entreq - Basic and their loudspeaker cables. This was great! I am now waiting for PS Audio Perfectwave AC-12. The amp is also upgraded with PS Audio critical link fuses. I will try the PS PW AC-12 with the Entreq cables (loudspeaker and IC). The fuses upgrade proves better innerdetail, it is more obvious when tested with better cables. My guess is that the fuses + PC will be a ideal choice. Again the line of all Entreq proved great synergy. I will try to be more clear about this when i receive the PC.