Power chord for Jadis D50Signature

Hello, I am wondering if any good power cable (Siltech or Black Mamba for example) would make a substantial difference or not to the sound of my Jadis...anybody have tried that?
Thanks a lot
I own a Jadis DA-60 and have always used high quality PCs but not A vs B tested chords. I use good copper and thats worked really well.. I have experimente4d with silver over copper designs which work well too. The point is that the quality of the amp shows no matter what chord I tried. I will be interested in your findings but will likely not spend a tom I just don't spend a lot non PCs.
Thanks for your answer. I actually tried a Siltech and currently trying a Shunyata Black Mamba CX cable but I can't feel any major sonic difference and wondering if anyone had same experience trying with other brands of cable
It's a power "cord", not "chord". A power "chord" is something that Jimmy Page plays. Spending big bucks on a pwoer cord is not wise moeny. A Pangea for ~$70 will do just fine, thanks...

Its very hard to get good, reliable advice on a power cord. Even if you have 2 systems that are exactly the same, your AC won't be. Given that, its really mandatory that you audition power cords in your own system.

If, for some reason, you have to take a chance buy something without being able to demo it, I recommend you consider ESP and Richard Grey power cords. They both have a very good reputation for working well in just about any system.


I have to point out that your post is not entirely accurate. You can, indeed, buy a power chord. There's a cable company naimed Chord. If you had to guess, what do you think they call their power cords?
I own Jadis gear, not DA50 but monos and power cord makes big difference. In fact not only power cord but even a power plug type (gold plated, palladium plated, etc.).
If you do not hear a difference it may be caused by not very resolved speakers. In highly resolved system almost all change is audible.

First of all I STRONGLY recommend you to change your main fuse. After many experiments I found the best Synergistic Research SR20 fuses. They replaced my older Furutech fuses.

When you change the fuse you may try power cord.
I would recommend top of the line Transparent Audio power cord or good quality DIY cord with Oyaide 004 plugs.
Acalex - I have a Jadis Orchestra and have experimented with DIY power cords and come up with a very good one. If you'd like to PM me I will give you the recipe.