Power chord for Consonance Droplet 5.0 CD player

Just received my player yesterday and would like some suggestions on a power chord.I will be using this with a new DK SIG LSA amp,Reimer Tetons speakers,Reality cabling.Looking for something smooth , but not lacking any dynamics(tight bass very important).Any fellow owners using after market cords? Idea's are welcomed! Thanks Kevin
Kimber Kable most expensive one.
Hi Kevin. I'm using an Acoustic Zen "Tsunami" cord with very good results. I think this cord will give you all the speed and detail you're after, along with excellent bass & dynamics. Also reasonably priced.

Also, if you don't already use one, I found my Droplet further benefits from being plugged into my PS Audio P300 w/Multi-wave and newest (demag) chip.

Good luck!
Purist Audio Dominus (ferox version).
JPS digital ($350) or even better the bybee power cord($1200) (not the charger).
Thanks guys for your great suggestions.The PAD is a great cord,maybe i could look at used.The AZ and the JPS are more in my price range ($300- $700).Some of the others i am looking at are the cheaper Shunyata cords(Taipan&Python)used and the VH Airsine.Guys any feedback on these cords compared to the fore-mentioned? Thanks Kevin
I'm using a Nordost Vishnu plugged into a PS Audio UPC200 HB on a dedicated 20 amp circuit...nice player!
Larryken-Can you tell me the difference the Vishnu cord made over the stock cord,was it a major difference? And in what way? By the way i love your system,those db99's are just beauiful.The picture on the wall behind your system(beatles)is a keeper!! Has your Droplet gotten better with breakin? Nice system and beautiful room. Thanks for the Help. Kevin
FWIW- I use VH Flavor 4 for my Haley and another to my Droplet. Just switched the Furutech ended one from the Power Conditioner to the Droplet and the Wattgate ended one from the Droplet to the Haley. Furtech is a bit smoother and more spacious on the Droplet.

More time is needed for more detailed discussion.

thinking of Kubala Sosna. Any thoughts?
I've used Synergistic Power Cords with all of my equipment.
They work well with my DK Amp. Not bright, good bass, and
nice high end. Just got the new one with the active system.
Amp now has a blacker background. I use a Synergistic
digital cable also with the active system. The sound a hell of
a lot better now!