Power Chord For Cambridge 640C v2

Hi. Has anyone experimented with different power chords on a Cambridge CD player? I'm looking for some advice on the best match if you have that information. Thanks.
Didn't it come with one?
Yeah, a flimsy 5' 18 guage cable. I want something a little more resiliant than that.
If you just want a more resilient cable grab some 12gauge SO cable and connectors from Home Depot and make your own.Now if you are looking for a "sound" change,somebody else will have to help you.Good luck.
We have found the Cardas Twinlink to be a great match. This was designed for front end gear and low power preamplifiers. Great cost to performance ratio.
Consider the Shunyata Diamondback Platinum, too.
I have tried an number of inexpensive Power Cables with a Cambridge Audio 550c and have settled on a Signal Cable Silver. It seems to open things up a bit and reduce some of the glare I had been experiencing.
I like the Tg Audio HSR-i, SLVR and early Electraglide's on digital here... The Audience is not bad either, just too forward in the upper mids for me (and it does not stage the bass correctly like the Tg above).
In contrast to the prior posters, if your budget allows, you might try something in the middle of the Shunyata line. I had a 640C v.1 for several years and found that it worked great with an older Python Vx and a Black Mamba. Those cords or something comparable in their more recent lines can be had for around $350 here on Agon.

What's nice about that approach is that you'll have a power cord that you can keep around longterm and reuse if (when?) you upgrade your digital front end.