Power Cables with rolling tweaks

I've been considering some Symposium Rollerblocks or Aurio MIBs under some of my equipment, but it seems that my PS Audio Lab Cables and Shunyata Black Mambas may be too stiff and heavy. Is this the experience of roller users?

Who makes a good light cable appropriate for digital and/or analog? The Nordost Eldorado looks interesting. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
Search for "Valid Points vs. Rollerballs" on this site. Megasam describes some setup issues to be aware of with the Rollerballs.
I once had 2 Eldorado's & they were pretty decent silver cords; certainly lightweight & flexible enough for your proposed application. Soundwise though I sold them for some Custom Power AC cords which are much heavier & wouldn't work right with Symposiums or Aurios.
Regarding lightweight cords for source components: I like the original Kimber PK6 (copper), JPS Digital AC (aluminum), Kharma KRC-1a (silver). The Kharma can produce a huge soundstage. As always these rec's are system-dependent. You could always try out some various AC cables on loan from Cable Company. Nordosts are good cords too & may work just fine for your application, so don't be too discouraged just because they weren't the best in my particular rig
Meta I have never used large/massive cables like the big snakes or BMI whale, but I believe they can work if they are very "flexible & twistable". Cables must hang and apply no push/pull force, "stiffness" is the biggest problem as it hinders free horizontal sway of bearings. If you have a very large flexible cable you can make some type of cable tree/support/suspension behind rack to help nuetralize weight of cable if needed. For heavy cables I would definitely put two bearing devices in back and one in front of component to support heavy cable. The light cables I have used just hung freely from gear behind rack.

For instance I could never use bearings with SR master coupler AC cord as it is stiff cord and always pushes
the component it is attached to, defeating the bearing
devices. The Shunyata Sidewinder on the other hand worked fine because it is flexible and lightweight, allowed
free horizontal movement of component. I have since replaced
my Sidewinders with Absolute cords, which sound better and
are perfect for bearing suspensions.

Rollerblocks are more forgiving and slightly more tolerant
of cable issues compared to MIBs, but still need nuetralized cable forces to work properly. Obviously lighter/flexible cables are ideal for bearing application
but larger very flexible cables can also work it set up properly IMO.

Hopefully someone who has a large snake can respond with their set-up/use experiences, as I have no direct experience. Best to use common sense and just try one set
to see if it can work with your cables/rack.