Power Cables - Which component first?


Have assembled a nice mid-to-high audio setup now, and have established 20A dedicated circuits to support the power with higher end outlets as well. Question - as I evaluate different power cords which component first, here is my proposal -- please share your thoughts:

1) CDP
2) Integrated Amp
3) DAC

Again, trying not to confuse the discussion with brand of cable or my own specific setup -- just where is the typical bang for the buck when replacing stock PCs.

For me the biggest impact was with my cd player a modded sony scd-1. The cable provided a blacker background that was immediately noticeable. The upgraded power cables on my other components had no impact.

The first place i noticed a difference was an aftermarket powercord on my amplifier.
There's no reason not to buy a cord and experiment. Try it on all three components and see which sounds best. There is no one correct answer.
No way to know unless you try. For me it was dac and CPU and then amp. The preamp he'd the least effect. If I only had one cord it would probably go on dac.
Thank you for your feedback to date -- just always heard about when updating cables -- work from source components out. However, never quite understood if you have an Integrated Amp -- should this be first or the source components CDP, DAC, etc.

Again -- I will take advice and move my first power cable around a bit and listen. Just may be a bit of time before second power cable arrives.
Experiment for yourself is the best advice. I know many will say source first, this wasn't so in my case. Your room, your gear, your setup and your ears are different. That's why they make so many different flavors.

BTW, if your components are plugged into a power conditioner, you may find that a cord on the power conditioner is the best place to start.
Just to overemphasize the point. No one can predict with any degree of certainty, which cord will sound best, or make the biggest improvement in your system. For me I think it was the PC to the CDP but in truth the dedicated line I had put in made the most obvious change.
For me the PCs feeding the amps, the CDP or DAC a distant second or unnecessary once on a dedicated line. YMMV