power cables where do I start?

I want to see what a power cable(s) can do for my modest system.

I just dont know where to start as a brand or component.

Suggestions please.

Will look for used. Will be budget minded. 

Current system:
Rouge 99 preamp
Odyssey Stratos mono amps
Vandersteen 2ce with vander subs
Rega cd and Rega Dac
Rega RP1
Hero interconnects
For me, I always start from pre amp. Others will differ but why not you try it different equipment? Once, I tried power cable and IC on just on right side of my mono amp. It's fun doing that kind of shi*. Lol.
rotaryphone & jond make good suggestions, I can't disagree with what they say.

With that said I'm going to pass some specific suggestions on to you for your set up, however you are the one that needs to decide which power cord (s) to buy.

I personally like this order of preference best, I'm not saying it's correct, just what I found to work for me with several different systems over the years.

Dac (or CDP if you have one), Preamp, Transport, Amp, subs.

If you want a lot of bang for the buck I suggest the following power cords:

Cerious Technologies Graphene power cords purchased used directly from Bob at http://www.cerioustechnologies.com/index.html

Either buy already made or DIY: Furutech SO 22 N (14 gauge wire) Power Cord.

Purchased on eBay from Japan: Oyaid Black Mamba Sigma V2 or Oyaid Tunami GPX V2 power cord.

All power cords I listed will work very well within your system and can be purchased at a very reasonable cost. Personally, I lean toward the Cerious Technologies Graphene power cords. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

Best wishes on your journey, it will be fun regardless of what you purchase.
Aftermarket power cords are a clever ploy to get the gullible to spend their shekels! I am speaking from longtime experience (40+ years!). It would be nice to live in a world where changing a piece of wire brought an improvement in sound quality! Alas ...
The gall of the cable swindlers has no limit!
I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion but roberjerman didn't answer your question, instead, he opened a can of worms.

If one can’t hear the difference between several upgraded power cords and/or a stock power cord then I believe one of several factors come into play here.
Equipment isn’t up to the task to produce the differences in music.
Your ears are not trained to pick up the finer detail.
You have a hearing deficit and don’t realize it.
I would always recommend that if a stock power cord can be easily replaced, eventually do it when you have the cash. Many stores will allow an additional trial period so you can decied for yourself.
Might consider Audio Art power cables, have made noticeable "positive" SQ differences in both of my full rig systems 
+1 for Audio Art

Also consider Triode Wire Labs.

Power cords will make a difference. Best of luck.
Why not have Klaus make up some cables for you?  Their synergy with his equipment and the Groneberg cables is great.  Your amp is wired with the Groneberg cables so the power cord would be a natural extension of it.  You can post a message on Odyssey Audio Circle stating you are looking for a  Groneberg power cord and I am sure you will have people willing to sell.  That's how I bought all my Groneberg cables.
Every change will alter the sound somewhat, whether is better, or worth it, is up to you.
That being said, I would consider Zu Audio power cables. They sell older models on Ebay for a fraction of the original cost, and they are well built and perform just as good as more expensive cables.
Another vote for TWL and don't forget Cullen Cable if your budget is tight. 
+1 Cullen Cable for excellent affordable cables.


As I stated in the other thread, if you don't want to slog through it I just got a Furutech cord made for me by VH Audio. Furutech FP-S032N cable terminated with F-11 gold plated connectors for $402 burned in and shipped. It sounds outstanding Chris a pleasure to deal with, I can't recommend his company enough. Lots of different mix-n-match options available as well.
I used signal cable magic power on all my sources including preamp. Great price for a great power cable. Didn’t like it on my amp. 

Straight Wire is a sonic match for Rogue Audio and your Rega cd player.

Happy Listening!

Digital can often make the biggest difference .
it is your main source all signals start there .you can enhance or mask the signal depending all on cables. And as I have been doing a lot of experimenting with power supplies in digital ,external 
a simple switch mode supply ,not good ,to a very elaborate Linear 
power supply that have regulators,chokes and 4 pole capacitors 
like from a Mojo Audio. We are talking up to a 20% increase in fidelity. I was given a challenge from Verastarr Audio ,usethere Copper foil awg9 power cord if it does not make a substantial improvement in fidelity within 30 days ,send back for a full refund .
he stated do Digital first . Then preamp . I took the challenge 
I now have 2. High quality is not cheap but as good or better then a component upgrade.
Similar story here.
 Bought Signal cable digital, and a magic power. Like the digital on the source, and did not like the magic on my SS amp at all.
It just sits in a closet. Never thought that it might work well in a different location. Will give it a try someday in something else.

BTW, I've had good luck with Triode Wire Labs for the rest of my system. Good value especially used.

Signal Cable is a good affordable place to start. If you can find an Audience powerChord used at a good price, it's my go-to cord. It's not the best cord for every situation (no one cord is) and the degree of improvement varies, but it's extremely consistent. At its best (especially power amps) it can be transformational.
Signal Cable "Magic Power Cord" very nice for the money which is not a lot, very thick and stiff though and heavy so add a couple xtra feet for whatever u think you'll need.


Matt M
 Try to diy some powercables mede from 12awg solid core. It might open your eyes
I use hospital grade power cords ($20) and a Furman 15i power conditioner. It's all about clean power to protect your investment. 
Stranded wires can`t give you clean power
To the original question, I would start with ...:
1) DAC
2) Pre-Amp
3) Amp
4) Transport or CD Player 
5) Turntable and/or Turntable Pre-Amp  
6) Power re-generator or conditioner  ( Yeah did that one also ) 

..and I agree with gdnrbob and went with ZU Mission cables. 
+1 on the Signal Cable Magic PC's being an decent, inexpensive upgrade from stock and being a reputable dealer. I've owned them for years and am just now looking to upgrade from there, starting with the dac.

+1 on the post from lak also.
I purchased a used Kimber PK 10....I was going to put it on my preamp as my dac is not used extensively....

Will go to dac after this experiment. 

really appreciate all the responses...forums like this get the ideas out there.....keeps us all informed
I forgot to mention PS Audio. They also have some older models that aren't cost prohibitive, though they are quite bulky.
The first actual difference I could hear from a powercord was a Pangea AC9. (The exclusive seller of (new) Pangea is Audio Advisor)
They have a return policy, so you could try the Pangea and if it does nothing, you can return it. (however multiple returns to AA may get you banned from buying from them)
Anyway, my first commercially made aftermarket powercord for Pangea was CHEAPER than one equal to it I could have made myself.
That Pangea I could hear an improvement immediately. and I was suprised.
Anyway, I bought a pile of them several years back and stopped. I am satisfied... and no longer have any wanderlust for other powercords. I can switch between models of Pangea and hear differences. But i just have no interest in chasing some 'mythical' better powercords.No matter how many folks howl about some.

So I would recommend trying either Shunyata, which have been praised by a lot of folks for making a good entry cord. or Pangea.

The one other recommendation I would offer is to think about power conditioning. Which is an equally important power upgrade.
But is also a can of worms. I started with a cheap Adcom, them a mid priced Monster.Top Monster,  Finally now I own a top of the line Furman REF20i AND a PS Audio P600.
Good luck.
I won't claim that power cables cannot or do not make a difference, but i will say, based on a LOT of comparative listening with some very high end gear, that its a modest difference and not always an improvement over industrial stuff.  If they do, they must be filtering out power line hash, and that points to better solutions and bigger problems.

I didn't comment to start an argument--- rather, i am responding to your adjective "modest". If indeed your system is modest, and you are not a magician, then I am certain that you can spend your money more productively elsewhere.  Typically DACs and speakers have the biggest faults these days (or, the inverse, make the biggest improvement). Its the weak link in action - find the weakness and upgrade it. (note: my first professional designs were amps and preamps.... so I'm throwing stones at myself....)

One thing I've learned over the years is just how superb a system can be even with home depot wires. Since I design gear, i am constantly swapping in and out pieces that might explode or so something bad at any moment.  So i often have rigged wires and boxes in my system to add protection fuses (horrors!) using whatever i can find (lamp cord, 30 year old banana plugs..). And lo and behold, when i get everything else right, it disappears.

Just sayin

Try out my advice folks, it`s free
If wire directionality is an issue -and I think it is - then 50% of all stranded power cords are not constructed in the correct way, where directionality is controlled throughout the entire manufacturing process, such as Audioquest does with their cables and power cords (e.g., Hurricane). The 50% odds are assuming that all the tiny strands are actually going in the same direction, you know, directionality wise, which they may or may not be. They could be a hedge podge.

This means all the tiny wires used in constructing stranded power cords must be controlled for directionality as soon as they come off the large spool. That’s not as hard as it sounds, once you realize what’s going on. Ditto for DIY solid core power cords — directionality must be controlled when constructing them.
No stranded wire are close to be correct since stranded wires means distortion and (because of that) dynamic loss. This has nothing to do with directionality though.
A couple of years ago I bought my first power cable, a Pangea 14 something or other. I put it on my cd player and heard little difference.  I posted my disappointment on this forum, and was told that one would need power cables on all components in the system.  I didn't pursue it but a year later bought a PS Audio power cable for the amp, but I changed out so many components in short order there was no way I could tell what the differences were.

So now I'm finally buying a power cable for the preamp.  The only other component in the system is a DAC.  It seems I probably went about this all backwards as usual!