Power cables , Test your cables guys

I bought a bunch of power cables for my system a year ago and 1 day found my sub off unplugged and plugged back in was fine for a while , sub goes out again now I suspect something up so I took some measurements and low and behold my cord was giving me 85 volts not 123 like at the wall so I sent back to audio quest to replace , audioquest  honestly not feeling there quality , I pulled all my cables out to put on a meter . Just because you spent allot on a cable measure it anyway ,  I wish I would have . I hope it didnt damage my pb16 being under voltage like it was for a year , SVS says They don’t think so , but I know low voltage can destroy certain appliances or even create a fire .   What other tests can we do to measure our interconnects just to be sure we don’t have a defect , after happening to me I’m checking all points I can as far as power goes and I urge everyone to check cause it can happen . 
Does anyone think it’s ok for (2)1 meter length cables to be that far off in length from the same manufacture?  AQ says it’s ok  
Your links aren't working for me, so I don't know what the difference you're talking about is.  If you bought the cable from Audioquest or one of their dealers and the incorrect length is causing you a problem,  I think they should replace it with the correct length.
Not the length I bought two at diff Times when the 1 failed I pulled them both out of service to measure the voltage and 1 was 85 volts and the other was 123volts but when I put them side by side 1 was 6 inches longer and both 1 meter cables , I’ll upload some new pics , my advice is measure your power cables because just because it’s high end it can fail and not be what’s At the wall. 
Measure them for  voltage , the length just so happen to be off 6 inches I thought that was to much for high end cables 
I 👍🏻 🙆‍♀️ 💯. I know that some cable makers tune their cables and they can vary in length by some factor. The individual maker can tell you what their tolerance is.