Power Cables - Stock vs. Budget

Considering upgrading my stock power cords, but my budget is limited to the $150 - $175 range (4' minimum) per cord. At that price level, will I notice any real discernable difference?  Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!


Chocaholic, water filters are placed right before the faucet. Good cables are placed right before your equipment. It is the first piece of wire feeding your system.

Do you want to know more? I can post a video if you want but it might be better in a new thread. 

many, many threads on the Romex issue, surprised it took so long for someone to mention it...intuitively it seems to make sense, but reality seems to say otherwise...

I recently made vh audio flavor 1 and it is a really great sounding cable to ears/ system.It replaced a more expensive option.Diy affords you to add your own ac/iec connectors?...aprox $180.00 after.



While it does not sound logical that the last part of a run would make a difference… well, it does. This is similar to many things in high end audio.

There is a great video, I think from the founder of Shunyata that explains why the electrical system is not like a garden hose… but a lake. There are a number of pretty good explanations around.

Most compelling proof is plugging a high end cord or putting in a direct line and having your system sound shockingly better. You quickly abandon intuition and go with what you hear and then look for reasons… or not.