Power Cables: Shunyata, Morrow, and Wireworld

Hi All,

I've been delving into the world of upgraded cables. Next stop on the upgrade train is power cables. All cables in my system are totally stock. I've got a pretty hefty integrated amp (Musical Fidelity KW-500) that has a gigantic outboard power supply that can likely benefit from a good power cord. My current issue is there are soooo many options out there. I know that system synergy is key to picking the right cables, but I'm not looking for a particular "house sound". Just something of higher quality that will let get out of the way of my current Amp/Speakers.

The cables I'm deciding between:
  • Shunyata Venom HC - $175 (OFC Copper, 10 guage)
  • Morrow MAP3 - $227 (OFC Copper, 12 guage, Wattgate plugs)
  • Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 - $350 (Silver coated OCC copper,  12 guage)

Has anyone used any these cables in a system before? Any notes on what changed?

I'm tempted to go for the Shunyata based on brand recognition and cost alone. Also might order it on cableco and try it out.

Any advice help is much appreciated.

I have used the Venom HC and it is an excellent cord.  I am using Shunyata Copperheads for my Shunyata Hydras and amp and pre and Diamondbacks for the rest of system.  Audio Art also makes excellent cables at good prices.  He made me a couple of custom made power cords for less than the Shunyata and they sound just as good.
Thanks for the recommendation on the Audio Art cables. I will check them out. What did you use the Venom HC for?

Looks like the copperheads are no longer made, but appear to be upgrade on the Venom HC.