Power cables for Spectron Musician 3?

Hi all,

I'm just curious what power cables people are using with their Spectron Musician 3 amplifiers? I have a Spectron Premiere (which unfortunately uses two power cables!) plugged in with gold VH Audio Flavor 4s, and I'm thinking about changing cables. Currently things sound great, except for a bit of thickness in the midbass. I'm wondering if this may be a power cable issue?

I don't know about the power cable.

I made a post about the MIII SE on another thread that I can't find now. Stated the MIII SE has a bit of extra thickness in the upper bass and lower mids that sounded a bit muddy.

I will correct myself after trying two different cables btn pre and amp this week. Gone is the thickness. The more revealing cables were AU24 and AZ Absolute.

Check various areas of the system.

I should add, I use a stock thick black power cord.

Maybe I will try Lessloss and Shunyata, but I don't expect much.
Hey Bosrt, I've also found that the Spectron amps are sensitive to power cables... I had 2 VH Audio Flavor 4s on my Spectron Premiere and evidently had the same experience with the midbass as you did.

I am currently trying Fusion Audio Predators on the amp, and they have been a revelation! It wasn't even a contest between the Predators and the Flavor 4s... The thickness I couldn't stand has disappeared. The bass is nice and tight, and the midbass textures I was struggling to hear are now clearly audible. I got an increase in treble extension as well. Things sound so good, I've been digging out all kinds of music I haven't listened to in years and hearing things I'd never heard before! I'm going to be trying some DCCA Reference Masters on the amp as well, but so far I have to say the Fusion Audio Predators sound great on my Spectron.

Wrong I am again.

Usually I run the MIII SE with stock power cord into an Ultimate Outlet which is connected to 15 amp circuit with stock UO PC. This has sounded good to me. I have my four 20 amp dedicated outlets for other components.

Just an hour ago I had an opening in my other Ultimate Outlet to the same 15 amp outlet in the wall. This has a Shunyata Copperhead cord to the outlet. I just moved the stock MIII SE PC to the now open UO, and what a difference. Warm, thick and romantic. Much less highs and upper midrange. Slightly sloppy bass. And some extra slurry in the lower mids and upper bass not related to the instruments. Then I borrowed a Diamondback from another amp and placed it btn MIII SE and UO. Highs and mids returned. Gone was the lower mid and upper bass slurry and also found was tighter bass. No stock cords now.

I don't know if the both Shunyatas are better than the original two stock cords at this time. Not worth the compare to me. At the moment I am using the M SE for another compare since it is in my rack and close to my pre.

I will be getting 4 Lessloss cables this month and that will be worth the compare through out the system.

I think I was using the stock/original PCs when I made the original observation of thickness/bloat (mildly bothersome, not as bad as I heard today). That formerly was improved with a cable swap.

Can't explain the above. But sounds like your concern has some precident. This post isn't about what cables and PCs to use. Rather, work with the amp and you may have success. The MIII SE is wonderful, esp used. And the MIII used is a great bargain.