Power Cables for Quad 988s

Can anyone give me suggestions on power cords for my 988s? I am willing to spend up to $300 per cable used. Thanks for any suggestions
I use for the 988 Cardas power cords with great effect. The model is the top of line, and you can hear the differences between them and the lower models. I do recommend them, and I think you should look for a used cord.
I use Blue Circle BC-68s on my Quad 989s and wouldn't run the speakers without them. I haven't tried any other cables, I stopped after trying these. They retail for about $365 each/new but can be had for around $600 for the pair. I've never seen any used ones on the market.

I'd originally heard about these for use with Martin-Logans and ordered them. I haven't been disappointed -- more authoritative in the bass, image nicely and what may sound as some lessening in the high frequencies is actually less haze coming through. An added side benefit from the noise filters contained in these power cords was improved tv performance: better saturation on the colors and the black level was deeper.