Power Cables for Martin Logan Ascents?

I have a pair of Ascents with Audience AU 24 cables and 9 ft power chords from Signal Cable currently.
They sound fine currently but I am curious if a better PC would improve imaging or possibly mid bass attack, an audiophile friend used a pair of Tara Labs affinity chords with his and was impressed but its difficult to find 9' lengths in PC's. I am considering the Audio Metallurgy PC's because I can order them in 9' lengths but I know nothing about them.
My taste in music leans toward classic rock but I enjoy anything that sounds good. The speakers are used for both 2ch and multi channel fronts.
I would appreciate any help and would like to keep expense for pair under $1000. Thanks in advance
I posted this same question a couple of years ago, here are a couple links for you.
I use Elrod NON Sig 3's on my Prodigy's.
Good luck.


I use to have the Quest ML. The MIT Zcord, improves
the performance of my logans.Kimber PowerKord are
also good.
Go with Foundation Research, they also filter out bad current nasties, I use them on CLS.Stat can be like antennas .
Hi Brian Btstrg:

I switched from granite 555's to Elrod sig 3's on my clsIIz's thanks to your postings. Thanks a lot!

When I own a third Statement II, I am taking my Elrod Statement II's off my sources and see if they make a bigger difference than the sig 3's, but I will have to wait patiently for that day.
Has anyone had experience with the audio metallurgy PC's? I am plugging both PCs into PS audio 4.7 power director so I'm not sure if I need a better PC or not. I know the Signal Cable Magic PCs are inexpensive but I hate to spend thousands for just marginal improvement. The 9 ft length is necessary for me to reach the 4.7( its worth it to plug into 4.7)
Hi Krellboy. My experience with audio has been somewhat short. But, I am greatful I found audiogon early before
I started changing too much and spending a lot of money and not getting the results I wanted. What I found in researching on audiogon was you need to start with your first link in the chain. Speakers are the last link and a
reference point of what just happened. So, without knowing
all the links in your system it would be hard to say what would benefit it the most. By all means don't start going
When someone is talking about bad current you need to ask yourself what is it and how did it get there? How do you measure bad current? If you have dedicated circuits then you probably don't have to worry about current. Rf and
time smearing is something to be worried about. Get rid of this and your system will start to transform. Solid core metals seem to help a lot rather than wire that is twisted together. One little problem with solid wire is stiffness.
Words to describe timing: staging,3d,imaging, airy and anything else you can think of have a lot to do with timing. Do the vocals sound like they are coming from the
center of the stage and the drums are behind the vocals with good depth?
My system does this very well now and I did not change any sources "yet". Just wiring mods. I do use both
audio metallurgy and signal cable. The speaker wire is now
Paul Speltz anti cable bi-wired. Two dedicated circuits
are running an amp and a panamax. The amp does not run into any power conditioner. Since my timing is so much better I will be experimenting with power cords coming from the wall outlet. I am very impressed with audio metallurgy GA-0 ic's and the GA-9 power cord for sources.
The speaker wire made the biggest improvement though so if
I were you I would be looking at speaker wire and dedicated circuits possibly. If you put your system on audiogon and asked for improvement possibilities you will
get a ton of feedback and probably come out with an electrical engineering degree. So show us your system. You might find that a source upgrade could be a whole lot better than a pc for your system. IMHO if your timing is there then your wiring is good. Better timing means better
highs,lows,mids and music. Better source components will
add layers to the music.
I have ML Ascenti's and I am using Blue Circle BC68's on them. They work very well...check them out.
Krellboy, I have CLS IIZ's and I've tried a variety of high-quality (some pretty expensive) PC's in different locations in my system -- including Audio Metallurgy, Aural thrills, XLO, Purist Venustas, and some custom jobbies.

After using progressively better and more expensive PC's in different locations, I have come to a few conclusions regarding the speakers, the CD transport, and the power amp:

Bigger is better! Namely, 9 and 10 AWG PC's always gave better sonic performance. Shielding is essential for PC's used with anything digital (in my case just the DAC and CD transport) but not necessary for amps. I don't know about the "antenna effect" of stats mentioned in an earlier post. My CLS's are powered with 10 AWG Aural Thrills silver PC's. They aren't shielded but have a ferrite bead on each end. In addition, there is a 8 x 12 inch sheet of Stillpoints ers cloth on the top of each electronics chassis. Going from the stock Martin Logan PC, to the XLO (12 AWG) to the Aural Thrills (10 AWG), the performance just got better and better.
When folks say with PC's to start at the front and work your way back, does this thought change with electrostatic speakers (Innersound)....seeing as how these are powered speakers, should the power cords be addressed on these first?