Power Cables for Class D Amplifiers

Do Class D amplifiers that are very efficient, high power, (ie 600 watts at 8 ohms 1110 watts at 4 ohms) require the heavier lower gauge power cords (10, 9, 8 guage) that we see used on the heavy inefficient high power and high current amps? I ask because the stock power cable that came with my Class D amp was even thinner than the usual stock cord. It's something like a 14 gauge power cable! Is a 10 gauge or lower power cable needed in this ampliifier class as it would be in Class A or AB?
My BelCanto Ref 1000 is rated at 7 amps, so at least for mine, all that is needed is a 10 amp cord. You ask about gauge, but you need to be concerned about amps really. I installed a big heavy one rated for 15 amps, but can't say it really makes a difference over the stock cord.
Swanny the amp has a 15 amp IEC and therefore requires a 15 amp power cord. The manufacturer does not list amps in its specifications.
I might be wrong but it seems like evtime I put in thicker cords such 7 to 10awg in my class-D JRDG, it (seems to) gain more dynamic & aggresiveness but less musicality and soul than the 12 & 14awg aftermarket ones. The stock one is ok, but, to me, it sounds kinda close-up, flat, and boring.
I'm curious how a 600wpc class-D sound. What brand is that? If I want that much power, I'd probably won't want a class-D one ... unless I get to hear one first.
Nasaman, that's good feedback. That is curious. The amp I have is the Cary A306.
It class D there are other problems likie it is calls D and a power cord could help but a Solid Class A or AB would yeild better result from a bigger cord. I do not wish to offend anyone. I already had my experimint time with a Class D amps and I have moved back to Big American Class A AB amps.
VooDoo cables wonderful well built great value sound great .Jump on them now!!
Is VooDoo the best name EVER for a high end accessory or what?
Ebm exactly what did Voodoo cables do in your system compared to the others you've tried? All I have by them is their 15 to 20 amp adapter.

I don't know if this will help you but I have a 2 channel Class D amp made with Hypex UCD-100 modules. I used the following power cords with it. A stock 16 AWG cord that came with my PS3, a stock 14 AWG from another amp I bought, Volex 17604 PC and an Atlona 10AWG power cord with fancy connectors on each end. With each cord I didn't notice any difference sound wise good or bad.

Now all the gear I used with this amp along with the amp falls into the "budget" category so that may be the cause of me hearing no difference in sound.

Good luck with the search.
I'm a fan of Wireworld PC's with my W4S gear.
Super Tesla SE PC works wonderful on Rowland 8T amp over 250ch RMS very open great deep stage, great body and weight ,wonderful highs etc.I think its a lot of cable for the money as well.
Ebm, I'd like to hear my system with that cable but the price of ownership is too high.
I used Shunyata Annaconda Helix on my Red Dragon Leviathans.

These gave me the best sound, compared to other PC that were DIY or name brand.

I think the bad rap given to D amps is because those who didn't like the sound used no upgraded PC or did anything to the power.

In my expereience,D amps perhaps are more susceptible to dirty power than most SS and the more forgiving tube amps.

They will let you hear what you are feeding them.
My friends keep brining over super powerful and always the latest generation of class D amplification and my Pass Labs X350.5 keeps its title of top dog over the digital amps.
I've always wondered about this issue as well. I'll keep experimenting.
+1 on Wireworld recommendation above. I'm running Wireworld Electra 7s with my (class D) Wyred 4 Sound mAMPs, cranking a steady diet of classical and jazz. I'm pleased with the results. 
I can highly recommend the new power cables from High Fidelity Cables. They perform like now other cables I have ever tried in my system. Of course I have not tried all of the other brands but I have tried a cross section of power cables over the years and the HFC are in a different league IMHO.

I am using them with my Merrill Audio Veritas Mono Amps.
@lacee interesting point re: clean power.  This rig is set up adjoining a home recording studio and practice space, all on two banks of Furman P-1800 PF R. The power is reasonably cleaned up. I've never done an A/B of the power stuff. That said, the results are quite nice. 

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that class D amps do not have power supply caps used for storage ... so it may behoove users of this class of amp to go to a larger gauge power cord to act as a temporary  reservoir on high current demand passages 

The larger cable  wouldn't be an actual  reservoir as in storage but a bigger cable would allow for more instantaneous deliver on strong peaks

With the high efficiency of the class D amps you will probably get a 16 or 14 gauge power cable from the factory  ... increase it to 9 gauge and reduce the restriction if and when a peak in the music calls for more instant current

I wonder if those who have had success with after market power cords on class D amps  did so from the after market power cord being a larger gauge ??

This is an interesting point RE: class D power reservoir success. One aspect of my rig is that the power filtering components that I use are intended for live performance in venues with poor house power. They store up juice -- apparently 40 amps. I'm not an electronics guy, but this potentially supports your hypothesis. Dunno about the power delivery specs or gauge  on the Wireworld Electra 7 cables. They are odd and flat. 
Here is an update for my amp situation. I was able to acquire Red Dragon M1000 monoblocks and they sound wonderful when paired with Shunyata Venom 3 power cords which are only 14AWG. For me I found no need to get a 10AWG or thicker power cord on my Class D type amps.
Have been running the Shunyata Venom 3 from my Rotel RB1572, (Class D) to PS Audio P10. The P10 runs from a PS Audio AC3 Power cable, (3 Feet) to PS Audio Power Port Classic Outlet. Running Shunyata Snakebite from Superphon CD Maxx, (Preamplifier) to P10. Without changing settings on P10 since connecting these Power Cables for the last 8 months I have noticed a greater 'blackness' for lack of a better way of describing it between tracks and a very lovely decay at the end of particular favourites that I did not either notice prior to the connection of these cables, maybe (placebo) or they have broken in very well.

Purist Audio Design Aquila Digital AC power cord.  Is an incredible sounding power cord for digital stuff, i.e. Class-D amps, PCs, digital cable/satellite boxes, most TVs, gear with using switch mode power supplies, etc.  Aquila Dig AC is amazing.

I definitely noticed a difference when I upgraded my power strip and power cords that feed my class D crown amp. I went from a crappy surge strip to a diy box with 10 awg wire, filtering caps and Hubble non ferrous outlets. That improved the sound. Then I built a 10 awg power cord for the amp and that improved the sound again. I do think the larger diameter wires allow the power to flow more easily, which would make sense since resistance is reduced as conductor diameter increases. With both upgrades I noticed less noise, more dynamics and more/smoother bass.
The only time I investigated this question was regarding my REL sub. REL said they did extensive testing and do not see a benefit in higher gauge or quality cables. I did my own A/B test and did not hear a difference. It may be that a subwoofer is too far outside your question to even bear upon it,  so I mention it in passing.