Power cables for CD player, DAC, etc, but not for the power amps = priced around $125

I need to buy about 5 power cables, all around 6 feet long.

I'd like to keep the price around $125-$150 a cable.

Without being inundated with a ton of different manufacturers, I'd like to keep it pretty much to these 3 cables.

Which would you use, (within the budget) and why? Yes, I know that power cables can run much more, but this is my current budget for these units as I need at least 5.

Audioquest NRG-Y3  =  about $130

Shunyata Venom V14 = about $135

Signal Magic Cable = about $119

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t used either the Audioquest or Shunyata. I did however use Signal Cable when I first started out with switching out stock power cords; my experience with the equipment I had then that the Signal Cable offered no SQ improvements. Yours or others mileage may vary
Venom of those three. But also look at Audio Art, excellent cables for the $$$. I’d take Audio Art’s base cable over all listed all day long. 
I apologize ahead of time because I'm not directly going to answer your question, which is something that I dislike doing. If you are dead set on one of those three brands have at it and I hope you get some good answers to your question.
For a little more money ($50) I would recommend the Raven Audio power cord, with free shipping and a 45-day risk-free guarantee.
A lot of bang for the buck and very well made. Check out reviews on their website. https://www.ravenaudio.com/product/power-cables/
BLE Design on eBay. 4N OFC copper. Made in Florida. 30 day return. $50. I use these and they sound and look great. 
There won't be a big difference at that price point
Pangea SE versions. Find used. Big savings.
I looked at the BLE Design on ebay per your advice, noromance.

Their feedback is so poor that I wouldn't touch that product with a ten foot pole. Sorry. They may be good for you but their reputation and huge volume of complaints I find highly questionable. 

Thanks anyway.
I think you are being unfair. 2.2% negative from over 8500 reviews. Anyhow, it's your choice.

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A few things to consider in some of these choices is application. Pangea PC’s are very stiff, as are Audioquest. If you have any back wall spacing issues, cables like these can present a very real problem. Part of the reason I recommended the ones I do are they are generally flexible given their girth. A significant consideration in the discussion of PC’s. Another option is build your own, at a similar price point you can have higher end connections and excellent quality cabling. It’s fairly easy, and fun. VHAudio is a great source as is Parts Connexion. While you are at it, spend a bit of money on replacing your receptacles. PS Audio Power Ports are a good start, but there are tons of options. They make a difference!
I would stay away from Pangea.  Not musical at all. 
Cullen Cable has options at that price; better than anything you're considering.

Move up to $200 and you could get an Audio Envy PC, which is in a whole different league.  Why not at least go for a couple of AEs for the most critical equipment?
Yeah, I too was gonna recommend Cullen Cable Red Copper because at $99/6ft it’ll save you a good amount of $$$ for five cables (like getting one free actually) and likely as good or better than the others you’re considering.  Best of luck. 
Audio Envy are very good Cables , I used their pc on my 4K monoblock amps.They flesh out music naturally, They are in your price range.they are very flexible.
Get the power cord from Underwood Hi Fi a little more but much better