power cables for Cary 303/100 cdp/Pass X

I am just starting to think about upgrading power cables after having put in a dedicated 20amp circuit and upgraded hubbell outlet. i need a good starting point for my new (to me) cary 303/100 CDP, along w/ pass X250, & pass X2 preamp. i would like to find some cables that are a great value & improvement over stock & hopefully don't have to spend $300-1500/ea. is this possible or am I going to wind up upgrading in the end anyway. I very happy w/sound at this point but that urge to squeeze out more is always there. thanks.
I just got a Cary 303/200 and a dealer who carries both Cary and Pass recommended I try Harmonic Technology and Synergistic cables and power cords. Haven't had the chance to do so yet... but good luck!
I can not comment on the Cary units. The Pass gear I have has responded the most favorably to Syn Research cables and the Van den Huls. The X250s like Des Ref squared($), but other Pass pieces were fine with less expensive Res Refs and single Des Refs. The X0.2 actually sounded better with the single Des Ref over the squared(?).

I have tried many cables that were not to my liking because it reduced resolution or made the system sound thin. Cables are very listener oriented. Just try several and see what you like at your budget level. The best our replies can do is give you a few starting points to begin your comparisons. Take them as nothing more and you'll be happy afterwards. Best regards.