Power cables for ARC Reference 75

I am excitingly awaiting delivery of my ARC reference 75 power amp. I do'nt have any 20amp power cords at the moment. Initially I will use the ARC cord that comes with the amp, whilst my bank balance recovers in intensive care.

I believe Shunyata are a good match with ARC, but any recommendations for under $1000 second hand, would be helpful, thanks.
I would definitely call Cable Co and have them send you some loaners. Quite often the stock PC's sound the best. For ARC power amps, I had good results with ESP and Richard Grey. You should be well within your budget with either. But definitely try before you buy, or at least get something used so you don't take a big hit if you don't like the cable.
My recommendation is second hand, possibly third hand, check with my ex wife on that. Would be fun to know what your interconnects are
I've had ARC Ref 110 and now 150. I have a Shunyata Anaconda cx and am very happy with it. ARC uses Shunyata in its listening room as of about a year ago. Warren Gehl, the head "listener" at ARC uses Sainline systems cords in his home system. Chris Sain is a local guy in Minnesota and makes a very nice cord. I've heard it in my system and was impressed. The difference was of presentation with Sain being a bit more forthright and Shunyata having a slightly richer midrange.

I have a Ref 110 and use a 20 amp Shunyata Black Mamba HC. I also use Shunyata power cords on my ARC LS25 mk2 and Ref 7. I am very happy with the results.

Music Direct was and I think still is having a big sale on Shunyata power cords. I bought my Black Mamba HC as a demo from them a couple years ago.
ARC uses Sain Line Systems cables in their listening room, and some of the head honchos of ARC have purchased sls cables for there home systems. I have my whole system wired with Sain Line Systems and love them, the best I have heard.
For 9k they should Include a good power cord. When you buy a Ferrari do you think they put on Pep-boys tires.
They do of course, include a 20amp cord. How good it is, that's another matter. On that subject, does any expensive piece of kit, come with a really top flight cord? How many electronics companies, can also produce great cables, not many? I suppose some European companies that produce everything from source to speakers, like Burmester maybe. Their cables get some good reviews. Personally, I would prefer ARC spend time money and component quality on the amp and let me worry about ancillaries, when funds allow.
The ARC has only just arrived and I am markedly impressed with it. I have'nt had a chance to try anew cable yet. I think it better to let the amp run in properly first. I will be looking for second hand, so it partly depends on what is available
The cheapest option was to use an existing cable, made redundant by the 20amp connector on the ARC. I use Sablon Audio and Lessloss, both of which I find excellent. Mark at Sablon popped a 20amp plug on an Uber Robusto for me.

I am not sure I can instantly hear the difference with power cable changes, but there was with switching the stock ARC cord with the Sablon. An instant increase in macro dynamics, it sounded like the volume had been turned up and crisper, clearer treble. A very worthwhile difference. I have'nt tried anything else. I would have tried Shunyata if this modification had'nt been available. Thanks again for the help
If you like the sound of your old cords, why not just get a 15 to 20amp 'adapter'. Shunyata make good ones (15 to 20amp or vice versa). I've used them ~ fit snuggly, good contacts and reasonably cheap too.
Cullen Cable has the 20 amp option but it might be too inexpensive for you. It would run about 1/4 of your budget.
The question is why a 75W amp has a 20A IEC connector, when ARCs larger amps have 15A connectors. Very odd...
I believe ARCs are using ever since ~ to date, 20A connectors on all their equipments.
Bvdiman: "All" equipment? No way. Dig up some rear photos and take a look.

The DS225 has a 15A connector. The Ref150 has a 20A. ??

Why the Ref75 has a 20A connector baffles me. ARCs selection - based solely on amp power rating - is a mystery (to me).
SP8, SP10/mkII, SP11mkII, REF 3, REF 5/SE
D115, Classic 150, M 300, REF 600/mkIII, REF 150

Perhaps not all, but those I've owned in the past (as listed since early '80s-current) use 20A connectors. It puzzles me even more if they are inconsistent in their application.

It is a hindrance at times with ARCs that you can't just swap your favorite PCs around. I don't think that it is power rating related, as I've had some behemoths from Jadis and VTL last time that do fine with 15A ones. I guess more of a corporate choice, even their cdp and pre's utilize them.
Just looked up pics from webs, and you are right, most/all their LS line stages use
what look to be 15A connectors. Should have used in my first post, 'IME or mostly'
instead, sorry.

As for the '80s SP pres, couldn't even be sure myself whether they were using 20As or
non detachable types--my memory fails me, further, aftermarket PCs were not in trend
back then so we just use whatever it came with, those were better days.. ;)
Bvidiman- Thanks for your comments. To add to your list, the two pieces here (SP-9 & D-130) both came w/ fixed cords.

To put a 20A IEC on a low draw device without a disclaimer in the manual, to me implies that a 20A rated cord is required along w/ a 20A receptacle & circuit. I agree completely that it's an inconsistent and weird design choice. Especially since the 75 is a 500W max. device!

Being a semi-cloistered company, I haven't tried to ask ARC directly about this. If I were in the market for a Ref 75 (only weakly at this point), I would certainly pursue it.

Now I'm wondering what the factory supplied cord looks like.
they use the 20 amp IEC connector because they think it sounds better than the 15 amp one. It has nothing to do with power ratings.
And it has a tighter, Better fit than most 15 amp connectors. That is probably the real reason they use the 20 amp on some models.
doesn anyone know if I can just buy a 20amp end and just replace the end of the amp and keep same cable and same wall plug end?
@fsmithjack yes you can but you’ve then reduced the resale value of your cable. If the manufacturer makes the change then you preserve more of the value. So it’s simply a question of how comfortable you are with the work and how important resale value is. Some manufacturers use different methods for the connections as well e.g. audioquest with their cold welding of some of their cords
I’m using a Synergistic Research Level III power cord for my ARC REF 75 SE. Fantastic. Expensive, yes. But ... the SR entry level BLACK power cord, I believe is $400. A number of members here are using the SR Blacks. There’s a thread here somewhere.