power cables do make a difference

I have always thought of cables as an after thought. I have quite a bit of audio system in my house, all very expensive gear. My 2 ch system i have spent well over 40k and my others systems half that. I have always used stock power cables and cheap audio cables. Well i bought mit shotgun power cables for one of my smaller systems. In one of my smaller systems i have a pair of paradigm active 40v2 speakers. Well i hooked the mit shotguns to them, let me tell you i was in shock of what i was hearing. The bass was tighter, soundstage wider and low level detail was so much better. Now this was only by switching out my cheap stock power cords and adding a pair of mit shotguns. I am a firm believer in cables now. They are not an after thought anymore. If you want to get the full potential out of your audio system, don't skimp on the kind of cables you get for you audio system.
Yes, they make difference!
welcome to hell.
Usarmyvet91, I am happy and agree with your discovery, hopefully you've found paradise for a long while. The one brand of cables I use has kept me out of hell for eleven years now :^)
Hallelujah brother!
you will also hear this sound...


fwiw i always thought it was purgatory and your ears belonged to the devil
Philjolet - I think that applies only with the Catholic type of cables.
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>> Philjolet - I think that applies only with the Catholic
>> type of cables.
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LOL! I think that they are ALL Catholic type cables!