Power Cables and Wall Sockets

Without knowing for certain, it seems to me that power cables can only be as good as the in-home wiring coming to the wall socket. Is it possible that those who use expensive cables have improved the wiring to the socket? Or is the power from most wall sockets normally excellent, but is limited by conventional power cables?


You can measure the size at the outlet. That’s not 100%, but there normally shouldn’t be any change in wire size after the panel. You can also look at it in the panel at the breaker, if you're comfortable removing the panel cover. All the wires will be exposed, including the main service wires. Act accordingly.

Maybe the least expensive upgrade is hiding type wall outlets and upgraded power cords

I think all 15 and 20 amp outlets in a home are now required to be tamper-resistant. The Hubbell heavy use hospital grade outlet listed above (HBL8300GY) is not according to the specification. For tamper-resistant ones, look for HBL8300SGxx.

When do we get threads about putting heavier OCC wiring in each component (as applicable) or speakers? 

audioquest overcharges for their wire they're buying it from neotech in Taiwan which makes some of the best OCC single crystal wire which is the best wire for audio so you can look at companies like Harmonic technology acoustic Zen zenwave they all use OCC single Crystal and are a lot cheaper than audioquest which over charges like crazy.