Power cables and sharp dimensional imaging on a budget, Zu Audio and Furutech or Oyaide

Hi, I would like to create a sound that is highly realistic in the sense of 3d imaging and proportion, but on a budget. Unfortunately I cannot spend the amount of money it requires to buy a Purist Audio Design cable yet to reach that level of refinement.

I am searching for what @bo1972 has mentioned in earlier discussions:

• 3-Dimensional soundstage with proportional imaging (not oversized)
• A sharp individual focus of instruments and voices;
• Blacks;
• Resolution;
• Deep bass;
• Air;
• Articulation of voices

Right now I have a Silverline Clearer Audio powercord, but still feel some things are missing.

I have tried the Zu Event powercables MKI and like their technology for stereophonic realism.

Would an Oyaide F1 IEC help in this respect compared to a Furutech FI28 G or R?

Are gold or rhodium plugs better for 3d and sharp proportional imaging?

Cables might contribute to these qualities but in my view these things all come first from the right electronics. Putting nice hubcaps on an Impala won’t make it a Corvette.
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07-19-2017 1:34pm
Cables might contribute to these qualities but in my view these things all come first from the right electronics. Putting nice hubcaps on an Impala won’t make it a Corvette...."

+1..... nailed it...point, set, and match....full stop.

What about the "right speakers"? In reality don’t you need the right marriage of electronics AND speakers to realize those audio qualities??? Electronics alone ain’t gonna get it if the speakers are crap or just not a good match for the electronics. And the reverse is true as well. How can there be any discussion of power cords or power cord components without knowing about the rest of the system (including sources and cabling!) Finally, as with most cable discussions, won’t this ultimately come down to YMMV and only in-home-audition can say what works with your gear? (Barring the unlikely prospect of someone having the exact same set up and room, of course.)

It would be very helpful to know what audio equipment you are using including interconnects and speaker cables?I do agree with the above ststements.
Richard I suspect Teo GC, Reveal high fidelity ic and CT speaker cables will meet your requirement , free audition for 30 days....

In my experience overall, power cords or cables, have a relatively  minimal role in getting that 3D holographic soundstage you are hoping to achieve.   There is no harm in getting good PCs, but you might want to direct your interest and money on/to the best components you can get .  As stated above speakers are a critical element in any system.  I am old school and think get the speakers you like  first and build around them.

You may not want to hear my advice but I am convinced that tubes do the best job with sound stage, especially as the power amp. Good luck on the journey.

The Oyaide Black Mamba power cord will give you what you are looking. If you pair it with an Oyaide SWO-GX outlet it will further enhance your sound.  
@richardhk Take a look at KLE Innovations power cables and IC's - they will give you exactly what you are looking for...


Don't be fooled by their appearance - with these cables you are definitely paying for performance - not that fancy advertising "fluff"

Or take a look at Wywires - not as good, but up there in performance.


Thanks everyone for your kind responses.

I agree with everything you say, but right now my focus goes out to cable investments and less so on electronics.

I have a pretty budget macbook based system, but I want to get the best sound out of it I can, until no improvements can be had.

The system is in the bedroom/ working room, and there is a bed inside for damping. I would say it is fairly small (living in Hong Kong). About 2,5 meters by 4,5 meters.


Source: Macbook Pro Retina
USB cable in: Curious Cable
Power supply USB: IFI Nano iusb3.0 on Black Diamond Racing
USB cable out: Curious Cable
DAC: Korg DAC100 on Black Diamond Racing
XLR-interconnect: Zu Audio Mission upgraded with Furutech plugs
Amplifier: Rotel RA-1570 on Herbie's Iso-Cups and Ikea bamboo
Power cable: Zu Audio Event upgraded with Furutech plugs
Speaker cable: Clear Day Double Shotgun
Speakers: B&W CM1 S2 on IsoAcoustics and Ikea bamboo with Brass Isolators

I would so that until now, the best performance, cost component is the Curious USB at $120 per piece. Made by Rob Woodland who has formerly worked at KLE Innovations. So I am very interested to hear about the last post concerning the KLE cables and plugs.

Basically, what I am looking for is a sound that can be best described as a "dimensional hologram". That vocals are small in dimension, like real people. Same for instruments.

I had heard this kind of soundstage in a store here in Hong Kong, and it was an ear and eye opener. I could actually see the performers in front of me.

Did anyone have this experience before?
Richard, after reading about your system, my advice would be to not go out and spend a bunch of money on cables. I mean no offense by this, and your system may sound fantastic, but it doesn’t appear to be the type of amp/speakers that are going to reflect upgrading your cables. I know because I used to have B&W speakers myself.

The things you are looking for would be more easily achieved IMO with a speaker upgrade. There are some well-reviewed bookshelf designs that will give you what you’re looking for if you are able to audition some.

To answer your actual question, I’ve found Zu Event speaker cables to have the sound characteristics you’re looking for. To my ears they are a bit too analytical (and I run Zu speakers), but you might prefer them for your tastes.  Good luck
@richardhk - I’ve reviewed most of the cables in the KLE Innovations product line - except the power cables.

Here are two reviews

Their other cables are superb performers that will get you very close to the "dimensional hologram" you talk of, but only their top of the line cables will perform to you expectations.

If you are into DIY then take a look at http://image99.net/blog/index.html

The helix cables detailed there are the best I’ve ever designed and built and if you follow the instructions to the letter they will melt away the walls of your listening space.- they are exceptional performers, but they require 200+ hours burn-in

The Helix speaker cables will reap the most rewards of the three, so I’d start there, but having all threecable types in a system really brings it to life

Also, How does the system you heard compare to your own...
- were they using the same/similar components or type of components?
- what cables did they use?
- did they use monitor/bookshelf style speakers?
- what was the room like compared to your own
- Are you comparing apples to apples here?

Having said that, your room does present a challenge so your goal may not be 100% attainable.

As an example - my system sounded good in my previous house where the room was 12 x 15 x 8, but the new listening room is so much better - the speakers are now 8 ft from the wall behind them and there is 20ft of space behind the listening position - so I now get superb holographic imaging.

As it stands there are too many questions to provide any type of useful feedback

Cables are only a part of the equation, but they are a very important part


+1 whoopycat.  But agree with others that upstream electonics are also critical.  If I'm you, the first thing I'd do if you haven't already done so is to experiment with speaker placement.  It's free and can have a huge impact on things like 3D imaging and depth as well as helping speakers disappear as a sound source.  Pull speakers out until they're 3, 4, 5, and even 6 feet into the room and also experiment with toe-in at each position, and I'd think you'll start to see a more 3D soundstage -- again assuming you haven't already done so. 

Past that, some speakers just do better at 3D imaging than others, period.  Here are some brands I've found to excel at this in the event you can go hear some or, even better, borrow them from a dealer to audition in your own system. 

Joseph Audio
Reference 3A
Audio Physic

I don't think cables are going to help too much in your current system with what you're looking for, but getting speakers that have exceptional 3D imaging as part of their DNA would be the best first step toward achieving what you're looking for IMHO.  Best of luck. 

Thanks guys for responding.

I recently installed my new Zu Event Power Cable with a Furutech Gold UK plug, because I live in Hong Kong.

I feel it allows for more depth and air around vocals and instruments, but also more detailed, because the noise floor is lower and blacker.

So I get one more step ahead at the 3d hologram image I am looking for. I am still thinking of getting the Oyaide F1 plug if that would help.

I am also thinking of investing in another XLR cable, that would allow for better imaging and focus.

Could anyone give their thoughts about the cables for Audioquest and Anti-Cable (with Xhadow Precision plugs)?

Or how about islolation with Stillpoints at the sources?
Cables will yield nothing but the placebo effect, especially with your current amp and speakers, no offense. It seems to me like you’re focusing on all the gimmicky tweak stuff.

The only way to achieve the sound you describe is with good speakers, good speaker placement, a good source, and an extremely good SS amp or good tube amp. You’d probably be best served by replacing your Rotel with a decent integrated tube amp, or replacing the B&Ws with KEF LS50s or similar.

Go back to that Hi-Fi store where you heard that magical system and note what gear they were using, then start saving your coins.
I actually heard these speakers (that I have now) together with the same amp doing a terrific job of the kind of imaging I am talking about. The differences being all other things (room, cables and so on).

I heard the KEF LS50’s and they did not impress me and were not my taste, I have heard them many times to confirm this.

Also, the effect your talking about, you can have your own opinion, but I clearly heard a difference replacing and using the Zu Event power cable, and isolating my system. In addition, the Curious USB link seems the best value in the market for a computer based system.

So, I don’t agree. And yes, I do believe in cables and isolation, because they have made a very clear difference.

I hope I can get some insights on:

Could anyone give their thoughts about the cables for Audioquest and Anti-Cable (with Xhadow Precision plugs)?

Or how about islolation with Stillpoints at the sources?
If it's the same gear you heard, then it's your room and positioning that's hindering the imaging. 

I've heard mixed results about anti cables.  If you are trying to get the biggest bang for your buck and looking for all you described in your original post, I would buy a good set of used cables.  I've heard and owned multiple brands and the best cables that fit your description that aren't outrageously priced are Wywires (I've owned the Platinum line).  Smooth, refined, tremendous texture on instruments and vocals, organic and natural without additional coloration (such as Cardas).  Used cables typically can be had for around 50% off brand new retail.  
Well, I have to agree on the placebo effect comment.  I just got a Zu power cable.  Really pretty with nice connectors.  I bought it because I got a very good deal on ebay.  I can't say there is any difference between it and the volex shielded molded cord it replaced in terms of sound quality. The IEC plug does make a better ground connection now which might have been an issue with the old one.
The Analysis Plus Power Oval Pro power cord, 5 foot long, shielded hollow braided oval geometry with Wattgate connectors at about 100 bucks has got to be one of the best deals in all HiFi. I also had their copper interconnects, which are not chopped liver.
While Buying this type of  Zu Audio cable you need to check onces. Anywhere i suggest one manufacturiing suppliers about wires and cables you can contact Miracle Electronics about this type of power cables eveything.
No placebo, the effect of changing a power may be vague and may be very prominent depending on many factors. I'm into changing connectors on my Event mk1 now, as I have tried it with ATL сonnectors and the difference in sound was noticeable, especially on isodynamic headphones.