Power cables and power conditioners

I am looking to improve from the stock cables in my system. I have a Telwire cord at home that I will evaluate and an having a Grover Huffman power cord sent here for evaluation. I am also interested in the Audience power chord e and the Kaplan HE cables. Does anyone have experience with these cables and some thoughts on how they sound. This most particularly applies to the Kaplan cables and the Audience. Once I get my power conditioning and cables broke in I will write a follow up review.

I am wanting to change my power conditioning system. I have dedicated lines and an running a PS Audio p500 I bought 4 or 5 years ago. I do hear the improvement but I hate the limited usage for it and the fact I can not hook up my amplification to it without causing a shut down,( this includes powered sub. I guess if it produced like 2000 watts it be fine. I am more interested in non current limiting devices. Do any of you have experience and opinions on such units as the Audience, Synergistic,Shuynata and the Audio magic conditioners, I guess maybe I should include Running Springs and BPT. What power cables do you use with them if they are not supplied. I am looking for the benefits of conditioning as well as a full bodied musical presentation. (thin and hollow is not quite I want but over blown and very dark is out also. Once again opinions and experience as there is no way to hear these where I live.
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Synergistic Research PowerCell, any model, is very good. I get improved dynamics and better frequency extension, but without any brightness or leanness. Definitely not clinical, etched, or lean. However, it seems like you need to use Syn. Research power cords (at a minimum, the one between the PowerCell and the dedicated wall outlet) to get the most from their power conditioners, so the investment can be considerable if you want to go "whole hog". Audience sounds lean compared to other cords and conditioners I have heard. Best bet is to buy used and see what works best in your system.
Add the Ps Audio ac 10 or ac-12 to your short list!! a must hear.
Shunyata hydra units work reasonably well on my system. I found it very helpful to replace my wall socket with a ps audio socket. That made a very big improvement.
RSA has been the best I have tried so far.
Power cables of choice for me are Acoustic Revive Power Reference and MIT Oracle Z3. Conditioner of choice is Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate. I have owned or heard a very long list before coming to those conclusions!
Audition a Torus PIU and I bet she'll not be leaving your home
I'll second the Acoustic Revive RTP Ultimate. I'm running Telwire to it, and elsewhere, and I am in no hurry to change up.
I am using the Oyaide's Tunami power cables with excellent results. Will eventually go with thier power strip.
Synergistic Research Powercell 10SE all the way. Add a Teslaplex for your wall outlet and of course complimented with the 32Amp Precision AC power cord and you have a massive soundstage, greater dynamics, articulate bass, delicate highs, blackest background and a remarkable depth of soundstaging. Wow!!!!

Regards Bacardi
I never realized how much improvement can be had by tweaking how you connect yourself to the grid.

I started at the panel, and ran two dedicated lines,20 amp breaker, and two runs of 10 guage wiring.

One run is terminated in a 20 amp Wattgate that plugs into a Shunyata Hydra 2,and then 2 Annaconda power cords run to the mono blocks.

The other separate line is terminated in another 20 amp plug and goes into a Furman IT 1220 , balanced power conditioner.
A Shunyata Guardian2 goes thru Python CX to the pre amp, and sub woofer,the cd player uses a Foundation Research LC2 into the Furman.

The cumulative effect of all of this( I also use DeOxit and Walker ESST on all connections)has really made the best bang for the buck improvements in my audio experience.

Had I gone this route before I know I would not have gone thru as many amp and wire and speaker combinations as I have.

Discontentment with your sound shouldn't be blamed on the gear.
I have finally realized(after much dollars wasted on the merry go round)that the place to place the blame is on your power sources.
Anybody tried the ByBee power conditioner? I have one on a 30 day return policy. I am using it with Elrod power cords. I have only had it for 5 days. It seems nice.
In my experience the power conditioners that work correctly and improve the overall sound quality (without lost of dynamic) were the Burmester 948 and the Shunyata Hydra 8.
For the Burmester 948 I used with very great sonic result the power cord Burmester Silver 2.5 and with Hydra 8 the Shunyata Anaconda...In both situations, the sonic result is granted...
some conditioners say(non current limiting)what they are saying is not limiting the 15a or 20a from the wall.
isn't music DYNAMIC,perhaps your amp(S)would like more than the wall can give,may up to 50a or more.
I use to use one of the above and with a Torus PIU,I tried out there is no comparison.
The Torus will give you the dynamics you need and then some.
They truly make a huge difference,you seldom see them for sale here or other sites.You see the above + other's for sale all the time.I have seen 4 Totus(s) for sale here in the last two years,I bought a 20a and a 10a from here.
If you cherish your music you owe it to yourself to at least audition one at home(auditions are free)if the store wants to make a sale.
I have 5 kaplan he cables (2 rhodium and 3 copper) and like them. they provide body and presence. Have compared them to audience (regular not e) and vh audio and heard them compared to the kubala fascination in another system. good value and they can be auditioned without risk. the copper and the rhodium terminations are different -- you can email paul kaplan through audio circle and he will give advice about what might work best. good guy .

on power conditioning, i use a balanced power conditioner (BPT) because i found that several of the filtering conditioners sucked some of the life out of they system (particularly my preamp) and that the balanced do not do that. bpt has a trial period -- you can try a stock unit and if you like it you can send back for upgrades. given how much conditioners can affect the sound finding a way to audition them seems a must to me. good luck
PurePower2000 is great. Can't listen without it!
I use my best cable to connect it - Argento SMR EE.
Simple. Wireworld. http://www.wireworldaudio.com/ProductLit.html bottom left corner of page. Bon