Power Cables

I am currently upgrading my system.  I had a pair of XLO Ultra speaker cables sitting around and was very impressed with the improvement over the original Monster cable.  Having come back from Axpona, I am wondering what fellow Audiogon members would recommend for a power cable with tight bass, superb mids and extended highs that would help to produce a very full, wide and deep soundstage.  I am looking to replace the cable on my Adcom GFA-5802.  I do agree with philosophy of starting with the power.  I have demoed one other power cable and the difference is immense.  Thanks in advance for the advice.
In your budget, checkout used HiDiamond P3     Excellent cable for the money.  
Spipa, if you are going from Adcom to Mcintosh you are going to get way more of what you are seeking with the change naturally.  Mac and Adcom amps have very different "sounds."  

Why wouldn't you wait on PC's until you get your new amp?

I have found Mac's are not as sensitive to PC's as other amps, my Classe is a good example.  I use Wywires juice on my Mac 501's and find they do not emphasize any characteristic of the amps but simply lower the noise floor for a blacker background.

I just posted a (very) mini review of the Mad Scientist Audio The First PC on Audio Asylum.  Before you open your wallet to greedy hands, give these a try.  Also, the NEO has gotten rave reviews.  It's a bit more expensive.  Due your due dillignce.
I would check High Fidelity MC O.5 (not a power cable) I would plug it into the same wall socket that has your existing power cord plugged into. Well below your budget, with all of the quality you are looking for in sound. and comes with a return policy if its not what you want. BUT I MUST WARN YOU they are very addicting the more you add to your system the better the sound gets. I started with 1 and now up to 8 with the notion that i will be adding more.
Enjoy Pete