Power cable with small connector / termination

I am planning to make a change to move equipment to a more accessible location on a built-in cabinet/bookshelf in my house. The electrical outlet is in the lower section behind closed cabinet doors, but I want to have equipment on top of that, in the open area of the bookcase. This requires me to drill a hole at the back of the bookcase through the top of the lower cabinet so I can pass the power cable through it. I'd like to use a quality cable but all of the ones I currently own have gigantic heads on them and I don't really want to drill a 3 inch hole through the cabinet. Does anyone know of any power cables that have slightly more reasonably sized terminations? At least at one end, as I only need to feed it through one way.

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Would you consider using high quality cables to make your own? That would solve your size issues.
The Cardas AC cables are relatively small.  Check them  out.
Sorry, not the AC cables, but the AC connectors.