Power Cable - what´s your best?


I´m interested in getting a really good but not expensive Powercord for my Burmester CD/DAC and Amplifier. Now I use the PC Audioquest AC-15 and it´s really good for the price and sounds right. I´m searching for the same (smooth) sound, but stronger - especially on the low side, a bit more detailed (not brighter!!)and more threedimensional. Are the WW PC the solution? The price shouldn´t be over 200..300 $. Thanks!
Check out Ven Haus Audio (www.vhaudio.com). They have several cords at or below your price range, and they're uniformly excellent. Lots of press on them over at Audio Asylum.
If you can tolerate an odd appearance, and having to spread apart four strands from component to wall socket, the Mapleshade Records Clearview Double Helix Mk II Plus Version Power Cord for $285 list price new is just a wonderful performer.
If it looked like and deployed like the competition then it would be a simple sell based on sonically meeting the criteria you value. Has never failed to elicit the best out of any components to which I have attached them. And, you gotta memorize the proper name for it if you join the club :>)
PS Audio Prelude and above
DH Labs Power Plus
Check the K-works empowered cord (a real sleeper). I also like the van den hul hybrid even though it is meant for amps.
I agree with Hooper on the VH Audio PC's ...I have four of them and think they offer a great value, not to mention absolutely great sound as well!!...I would recommend a Flavor 4 for your situation...good luck!
Another vote for VH Audio. I have the Flavor 4 and love it.
Virtual Dynamics Power 3. Very good but a bit thick and inflexible.
I second the PS Audio

I would go with Signal Cables in your price range. However, why would you limit yourself to $300 power cables on what is probably a $20,000 - $30,000 system? I know there are diminishing returns as you go up in price but if you are using a Burmester front-end and Burmester amp why not spend a couple more thousand and get the most performance possible?
Another vote for the VH Audio PCs. I've got a couple Flavor 4s and an Airsine. Chris does great work!

check it out here .... http://www.vhaudio.com

The only downside with VH Audio is that you rarely ever seem them used here on 'Gon -- but the price on a Flavor 4 is excellent and worth every penny.
Why shouldn't the price be over $200.00 to $300.00?
Was your interconnect and speaker wire budgeted in a similar fashion?
Try out a $300.00 cable and then try a Shunyata Anaconda,but not unless you have quality cables elsewhwere.
You might as well make your own for $50.00.
I strongly recommend DCCA power cables,one of the best
I have tried,email Don He will be able to help you
for the budget you have.
Pure Note Paragon, $250 when they are on sale. Nice and flexible, black background, no compression. FWIW.
Within a one year period, I owned the following power cords:

Harmonic Technology Fantasy $325
Harmonic Technology Pro AC 11 $195
Kimber Palladian PK 10 $1100
TG Audio SLVR $500
Synergistic Research Reference Master $1200
Foundation Research LC-1 $795

All performed well, my favorites being the Paladian and LC-1's in the bunch. There is one cable that outperforms all of these by a wide margin. It sells for between $140-$180 and is available here on A'gon for as little as $80. The Supra Lorad 2.5. No kidding, my system is wired only with these cables now and they are musical and detailed. I have no association with Supra or any sales organization selling them. This is just one outstanding cord regardless of price.
I have had so many different power cords in the past 10 years of trying. Finally heard what I was looking for and that is the BMI Cables Hammerhead Silver statement power cord. In my opinion this Hammerhead Silver is the most natual and smooth cable I ever heard in my life . So I currently have three more on order to finish out my system.
My favorites are the Power 3, Audition and Nite from Virtual Dynamics and the VH Audio Flavor 4. Compared to these two manufacturers, the others I've used sounded constricted and closed in.
You need Signal Cable Power Cords.
In the <$300 range, both the K-Works and the Eichmann Express are hard to beat. The K-Works is particularly good on digital. I use one on my Genesis Lens, where it actually cuts down the hum (better here than my $2k cords). The Eichmann is also a quiet cord, probably more dynamic than the K-Works, but not quite as smooth, and probably a better match with amps. If you're looking used, there are a couple other options, though not necessarily much better.