Power Cable Upgrade for Wadia 151

I just picked up a Wadia 151, which is a DAC, Class-D Amplifier, and Preamplifier all in one. I will be using it to power some Anthony Gallo Strada 2s as my desktop system. I'm looking for any suggestions on a good power cable for this integrated. I have a ZU Bok, which I will be using to start with, however, wondered if anyone had any experience with this integrated and power cables.

Thanks in advance,
I wasn't aware they were doing power cords now. I will definitely take a look. Thanks!
Those Anti-Cables look nice. I'm also looking at the Wireworld Siver Electra 7, Transparent Premium Power Link and the Pangea AC-9. Don't know if anyone has experience with these cables and class-D amps, but if so I'd love to hear impressions.

Update. I ended up using a ZU Bok power cable, and it worked really well. I used this amp over the winter while away from home. It performed wonderfully, however, it wasn't until yesterday that I learned how good it actually is. I put it on Craigslist as I don't need it anymore, but thought I would try it on my 2 channel setup for schnitzengiggles.

I have the fantastic Tannoy Definition DC8 speakers for my 2 channel setup, and I was shocked at how good this little DAC/Amp sounded paired with the Tannoys. I never thought 25 amps (at 8ohm) could grip those 8 inch drivers with such accuracy and control. Smooth, neutral, and layer upon layer of detail. The soundstage was over 15 feet wide, with excellent separation of instruments and good depth of sound field. Explosive when needed, while maintaining all the delicate nuances in the music. I actually ended up listening to music til well after midnight last night. Someday I will get some sleep. :-)

Anyways, just thought I would let others know that this little amp has some serious potential as the basis for an inexpensive system. It was good driving my travel Mirage OMD-5s, but when pared with a much better speaker...it really shines.

Hope this helps someone.
I have briefly tried BMI Whale Elite and PAD Proteus on my 151 - good to very good on class A or AB amps, but a tad clarity-limiting here. The standard cord it comes with is nothing special. However, an Audio Magic Xstream made a lot of difference, and that's what I'm running now. Clarity and definition in spades. I cannot really explain why.