Power Cable upgrade for Sonic Frontiers Power 3 ?


I am looking for a Power Cable upgrade for my Sonic Frontier Power 3 Tube Monoblocks. I prefer warmness and wide and open Soundstages.

My listening room is large and live. I have Thiel 2.3CS speakers.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.


With just a wire cutter and philips head screwdriver you can build a nice PC pair using Acrolink AC power cable and Furutech FI-11 or FI-25 AC plugs. VH Audio sells the materials. No soldering or heat shrink needed. You can build the cords to the exact length you need. The wire is 10 Ga and the jacket is unshielded, perfect for power amps.

I've built three for my linestage and monoblock amps and am very happy with the sound.
One of the greatest uppgrades I`ve done (and it`s been a few) is making DIY-powercables from a shieded solid-core outdoor cable. Originally made up for my friends Jadis-blocks, but what a jaw-drop we got after putting them on his CD-combo when "duelling" with his vinyl-player.
A wery good uppgrade in the same spirit is to replace the in-box powercords (backside-off/on-trafo) with solid core. Avoid those tiny multicore extensioncables, they suck power :S