Power cable thoughts for Krell Kav/Proceed Amp 2?

So I got a ton of help asking about ICs last time, so I am down to PCs. Lots of people suggest getting power first, but great power cables and zero ICs doesn't work well either... What brand and model cables have you found to work best with Krell KAV 22/3250 series and a Proceed Amp2. I'm using one of each in a 7.1 setup. I've read Acrulink, Kimber, Cardas and Nordost seem to be the most popular. I just want the clearest sound I can afford. Also have a HTS 7.1 and a DVD std and a Denon 3930 that all need cables. I have one Cardas Quadlink that I'm unsure where to use it and what else to buy. Thanks as always for any help.
Hi Mbarnes928 - if you want to try some exceptional value for money cables that compete with SOTA cables, try Sablon Audio. I use Purist Audio Dominus and Ann Contego cables throughout my system...except 2 places where i do use the Sablon Audio Gran Corona...at a fraction of the cost.

I know the owner, but am not in any way affiliated. Just have a lot of respect for his work and work ethic. If you google, you'll see some very positive reviews. online at sablonaudio.com
Lloyd.... The pricing model albeit for a rather heavy guage cable is anything but inexpensive. The least you can spend is $650. How you determine SOTA is truly arbitrary in many cases. The high price of the cable the claims of superior ingredirnts and their own definition of hard work seem to be the determinants of how "Grand" their $850 Grand Corona is. I would advise you to buy a competant cable from a place like Cullen Cables, those prices are truly Market friendly, you can even try something like Pangea for even less and hear for yourself if there is a big difference. IC are a different story. The small signal is subject to many factors in the cable used.
OTOH if you have money to burn feel free I hope it will make a difference. I have spent more than I had to on PCs so just like most of us I got caught up in the tweak it till you can't efforts.
Hi Mechans, Thanks for that. i managed to do a limited shoot-out with transparent audio super pcs, stock pc's, Purist Audio Dom, Ann Contego and the Gran Corona. In general, the stock pc's are excellent from manufacturers like CJ. However, the PAD Dominus and Ann Contego are just better, as is the grand corona...not close...but also depends on the equipment. CJ far less sensitive. The Zanden DAC highly sensitive. The Oppo also sensitive...particulary goes well with gran corona. To each his own. Good luck!
Anyone else have any knowledge of what cable sounds good with these amps?
I second the Cullen Cables nomination. Great cables at market friendly prices. I have three of them and I am very happy with their performance.