Power cable that will "calm" digital

Seeking above. Don't want to go too far-just want to address a tad of the usual digital falseness I always hear when listening to this format rather than vinyl. Using Naim int and CD, both entry level with FJ speaks. Sounding really quite good-fast, musical, incisive. Don't want to remove those important characteristics. Ideas?
JPS Digital AC-had one for audition from the Cable Company
If you can find a modestly priced power cable of an older edition from Marigoaudio.com, then this may help by removing the digital nasties, as it did for me.
Also, vibration control with Herbiesaudiolab.com "The Black Hole" CD mat will help, for a ridiculously low price of $4.49, not a misprint!
This minimalist mat design represents the single best value to be found in entire Kingdom of Digital Tweakdom.
Look into JPS Labs cables. They worked wonders in my system - created a more open natural sound and eliminated digital nasties. Check our their website and reviews. I can't recommend them highly enough. And, buy used if you can.
I personnaly use Cardas Golden Ref on my system and am very pleased with the results. However my local Naim dealer uses Harmonic Technology and his system sound very good and he is on the outskirts of town and I would think his power may not be the best there.
I super highly recommend a van den Hul Mainsserver power cord. It is specially made for digital sources and is a wonder at making the cd format sound more natural. It works magic for me. And, after hearing its effect, two of my buddies got one for their systems. It is that good.

I will be extremely surprised if a power cord will solve your problem. A much better bet is to save up and buy a better digital source. I have found there is a magical threshold in CD players above which music becomes truly involving. This seems to come with a 3.5 - 4k price tag at minimum (new retail), but mind you this translates to 2k or so on the used market. My personal favorite is the Linn Ikemi, but there are many others I am sure. Audition what you can.
Dunno if it will fix the issues you have w/digital but I just got a "Black Hole CD mat" as referenced by Listener57. It seems to make a difference to me. I am also running JPS speaker cables and CD interconnects. Did a Belkin/Marinco diy power cord as well. Recently puchased a pair of Halo 9 tube dampers for Ei 12AX7 tubes along with Tender feet for the amp (all from Herbie's Audio Lab). Things are sounding very good to me right now.
Put your digital on a seperate power cond. or Isolation transformer and you will notice a very very nice improvement
I agree with Newmanoc - a power cable is not going to resolve the issue of your digital front end sounding like "digital falseness". Don't neccessarily think you have to spend 3.5k+ (or 2k used) but you can definitely improve the smoothness of your front end. I'm extremely pleased with the tube based Musical Fidelity A5 but there are many options - also look at Cary and Resolution Audio.

FWIW, as far as cables are concerned, I even think an intereconnect change could bring more differences to sound than a power cable change.
The JPS labs digital reccomended by others has a filter network molded into the plug. Net effect seems to be a bit of isolation provided between the noisy digital equipment and the rest of the system. This can work to cut down on some of the tizz. At 200 or so list, I think markup on the cable has got to be 1000% or so, but that is audio.
Can say based on my own personal experience I agree with Jgiacalo and Foster_9. A JPS Digital AC connected to the Jolida 100 cdp improved naturalness and smoothness in a very big way. Brittleness in the highs is missing now, tightness, depth in the bass is not. Didn't expect this level of improvement but I got it and I'm not complaining.
I'll be more optimistic than Hens and Newmanoc.

In my experience, if the player has a foundation for good sound, power cord will help. Unless this player is unnaturally digital and artificial sounding.

Audience powerChord always worked great on digital dacs and cd players in my system.
Shunyata Taipan or Python cords are excellent as well but more costly than Audience.

I'm using Shunyata Python VX cord on my cd player for few months now and am very happy with the sound.

Also, Vibrapods discs will tame the harshness, but can dull the sound, depending on the player and the rack it sits on.

You have to try.

Try Audience...should give you the qualities you're looking for. Also this cord is easy to sell if you don't like it, which is probably not going to happen.

I also advise you to look into power conditioning. Something in the area of Shunyata Hydra or Guardian. This will clean up the power and should further improve the sound.
Oh yes - Vibrapods. Audphile1 has a good point there. I use them on my cd player as well. Make sure you get the right stiffness and don't use too many. 3 of them is plenty and for a Naim, #1 will probably be good enough.

I have been able to change the sound of my components extremely easily with cables. If your system is dialed in correctly and your hearing is good, different cables may be all you need IMO.

i am currently evaluating a voodoo golden dragon line cord. stay tunes. i will have more to say in a while.