Power cable suggestions for sony 9000es

I use my sony dvps-9000es for both video and audio and was looking to upgrade the power cable, any suggestions?
Tireguy, I liked the Tara AC reference and eventually upgraded to the Tara Decade AC. I think there is still an AC ref. for sale here... search for 'Tara'. It is a decided improvement over the stock cord. Good Luck.
Tireguy, I think it's hard to beat the BMI Eel or Whale Elite. A lot of PC for the $!
I am a true believer of David Blair's Custom Power Cords. The Top Gun is simply amazing! And while you're at it, you should consider his Top Gun Power Block. Both have received a "Golden Ear" award from T.A.S. You can contact the good folks at Sound Images (WWW.SOUNDIMAGESINC.COM) No, I don't have any financial interests in Sound Images; but John & Lee
are EXTREMELY knowledgable and fair!
I'm using a FIM Gold on mine and I think it really does a good job on it beating out my NBS Statement which I sold already.Goodluck.
Try the BMI whale.It's the most neutral PC I've heard and you can't beat the value.If for some strange reason you don't like it,someone on the site will gladley be interested.......