Power Cable suggestions for Pass Labs X250.5

I just purchased a new Pass Labs X250.5 Stereo Amplifier. Is the Factory AC Cable OK? Are there any inexpensive (<$300) aftermarket Power Cables that offer noticable sonic improvements with this particular Amp.?

I plan on installing a 20A Dedicated AC Line for this Amp.
I have been using an Audience Power Cord with my Pass 250.5 with very good results. They can be found for well under $300 here on the Gon.
I would suggest lookin at the Telsa T3 from Synergistic Research.
I also have a dedicated 20A line for my X350.5. According to the manual and most of the opinion on discussion boards, the stock cords should be good enough and any high price powercords would only give you a marginal improvement. I've not used the stock cord, so I can't comment on that. When I have some free time, I will go back and try the stock cord.

I was just having a discussion with a buddy of mine last Friday night. He doesn't have a dedicated line and he tries new things more often than I do. He told me that in his system, the after-market powercord made a big difference compared to the stock cord with his X350.5. So this may be a case of relativity. Both of us use BMI Orca limited Mk IIs. He had used the Shunyata Python Alpha and ended selling them and bought bunch of BMI cords instead because the price is a lot cheaper and performance is close.

If you've been surfing Audiogon long enough, you may be familiar with BMI. They used to post tons of ads here selling powercords. I think that's how they got started. But they had since focus on the Asian market exclusively and the prices went up 5 fold (at least their list price did). So the only way to get them now is through Audiogon or eBay.

I used to own the XA160 and spent a lot of time talking to Pass Labs directly about this and they do not believe that an aftermarket pc improves the sound with their amps. I tried a few cords on my amps and did not hear any differences. This of course is just my experience.
this was discussed more than once. search the forums.