Power cable suggestions for a Primaluna Dialogue.

Please some advice on a power cable for my amp.  A great product, vinyl front end, with Spatial Audio speakers.
Look into Triode Wire Labs. I just ordered my second cable because I was so impressed with the first one. The website has links to many, many reviews on their products, plus you can call Pete, the owner, and get his advice. Pricing is very reasonable for the their performance too.
I have an HP.
I use Nordost. Don't know your budget, but used can be found for reasonable prices.https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lis9jfi2-nordost-frey-2-norse-ac-cablesI would counter this price. You will get either yes or no.
A new Blue Heaven is considerably less, and it incorporates the same build, just less of the "magic"