Power Cable Suggestions - Budget

I've read many times about the difference a power cable upgrade can make. I looked at some of the power cables that came with my amp, preamp, CDP, etc. and they do seem very cheap so thinking about buying some cables. I have Bryston pre and amp. Was thinking of maybe the 14 gauge Pangea or similar then I realized I am plugging into a power strip whose cable is likely junk and will need an upgrade here too (maybe 6 outlets). So in summary, I need a couple cables and a power strip that might result in the improvement that some of you claim. Thinking of keeping it in the 3-400 dollar range for all.


Yes the guy sells Power Cords but that is not the point.

Start with your sources not your amp.


peterhodo57 in that price range you should reach out to Chris Venhaus https://www.vhaudio.com/

He rolled a couple custom Furutech cords for me in that price range and they sound great he's a pleasure to work with as well.

Start with something like a used

Furman PST8 and then replace

the PC's as funds allow. Cullen 

Cables are affordable.

What components do you have? That will make a difference. Is it a preamp or surround processor… big difference.