Power Cable Suggestions - Budget

I've read many times about the difference a power cable upgrade can make. I looked at some of the power cables that came with my amp, preamp, CDP, etc. and they do seem very cheap so thinking about buying some cables. I have Bryston pre and amp. Was thinking of maybe the 14 gauge Pangea or similar then I realized I am plugging into a power strip whose cable is likely junk and will need an upgrade here too (maybe 6 outlets). So in summary, I need a couple cables and a power strip that might result in the improvement that some of you claim. Thinking of keeping it in the 3-400 dollar range for all.


Cerious Technologies GE are a great upgrade from many of the manufacturer included cords...some include good cords, some do not

Something to think about, Bryston gear has really good power supplies. A good AC maintainer with surge protection is just about all they need. The right size cables. #10 for power amps. # 14-16 for preamps and source gear. Good OCC or if you're patient OCC with mill spec silver clad and PTFE will sound quite good in 300 hours or so. 50-75.00 usd each.. No Names just what you need to make it work VERY well. I use red copper terminal ends in my power gear, and silver over red copper in preamp and source gear.

I use modified TripLite 2400s. I've ran tapes, they never vary, 120vac on the button. 60db to 120db. 120vac!

A triplite 2400 and 2 power cables 375-425.00 Oh you have to buy a tube of silicone for the Triplite, that's 6.00 usd. (Noise issue) I have a 90% fix.

Even if you run gear with a lesser PS than your Bryston, a Triplite or any surge protection with a maintainer is a great place to start and finish to tell the truth. Protect your gear first. The sound will always be there. The noise and burnt up gear won't. :-)


The Pangea 14 gauge power cable sucked the life out of my system. Their AC9 cords did not and I use them to power the built in bass amps in my speakers. Most of my source components use either Shunyata Diamondback Platinum cords or Shunyata Copperhead PC. New, they were in the $250-500 price range and used a lot, lot less. I also run 2 dedicated lines to the audio room @ 20 amps each. Both are connected to their own Shunyata Hydra 4 power conditioners. The wall receptacle’s are Shunyata Cryogenic treated.  With my high powered SS amp and all tube preamp, I get no his or hum, just dead quiet.