Power cable shutting amp down

I just put in a JPS Power AC+ and it seems to be overheating the amp. I've swapped in the Shunyata Python and that does not do this. I've put the JPS on the preamp when I do this?

Anyone heard of this behavior.... stock cable seems fine. You think this is a bad cable?
Might be a loose connection at either end of the PC and your amp has a relay in its power supply?
I agree with Lewwhite. A short in the cable would cause your circuit breaker to trip first. So if not under warranty I would try and tightening the connectors at both ends.
I had the same thing happen a few years ago..The P/cord Manufacturer had used steel wool to clean off some burrs etc., and a small fragment of steel wool was left behind and was making contact ( internally ) and everytime I plugged the cord in it popped a fuse...As mentioned,you must have a bad connection or something broken off internally that making contact where it shouldn't be.......
JPS seems to work fine with the preamp. I am gonna take it appart and reassemble this see if this does the trick. JPS Power AC+ sounds better on the amp than the preamp.

Thanks for all this though.
I just put in a JPS Power AC+ and it seems to be overheating the amp.

Overheating where? At the IEC connection? Connect the JPS pc back to the amp turn on the amp and play some dynamic music at a moderate to loud level.

Occasionally put your fingers around the pc IEC connector and power cord near the connector. If the connector or cord feels warm to hot to the touch then that would indicate a poor connection. A poor connection under load will cause heating and the heat will transfer each way down the wire/s from the bad connection.

A bad connection could be inside the pc IEC connector. Or more likely a bad fit, poor contact surface area and or poor contact pressure, between the pc IEC female connector and amp IEC male connector. Not all IEC connectors are created equal.....
I'd send the bloody thing back to JPS in a heartbeat.. Just what you need is a fire .. and then good luck with the ins. company.. is the JPS UL approved... I'd check..
I sent an email to JPS... I hope they will take care of it. Its a used power cord, hopefully they will still support it.
JPS got back and said they would take care of it in under five minutes from when I emailed them.
Still could be your male iec in your amp.
if it was the male IEC in my amp when I switched power cords the amp would still shut down. When I switch cords it does not shut down.
If componant parts are manufactured to a tolarance of +- 5% and speced to +-7%. The IEC male could be minus all the way to its extreme tolerance and still spec good. One cable could measure to the minus limit and the other to the plus limit. You could end up with a zero fit or a 15% loose fit and still be within limit. Not too confidence building is it ? ? ?
Good for JPS! I think they also realize the potential liability of a bad AC cable.
my amp (McCormack 225) has a heat sensor that shuts the amp down... It has now done it with the Shunyata. Could it be the power? Not sure if surges could do this. Would the answer be to get a power conditioner?

I am having the amp shipped to Jim McCormack anyways for upgrades.
I found my house ground is not connected to the grounding rod. I am going to connect this back up. Must have been messed up by a utility guy checking the meters. Oof. Hope this is the fix.
ground actually was attached, just had to tighten the clamp... I don't think this is it.
Problem seems to be found... One of my somewhat lengthy runs of Kimber 8TC is bad. I guess retermination is the answer. Tried it with another amp/preamp and that seemed to be it.