Power cable recommendations for wyred 4 sound Sti-Intergrated amp

Hello, Looking for any recommendations on a aftermarket power cord for this integrated amp from previous users or current owners. (Brands/gauge) is the aftermarket power cable a worthwhile upgrade for a class D amp? Thanks for any info.

If you must scratch that itch to buy something new a power cord is certainly harmless enough! I can recommend a Pangea from Audio Advisor ($99). Bought one myself. Did it improve or change the SQ of the amp (BEL 1001) I plugged it into? No! Would spending 2, 3, 4 ... 10X on a power cord make a difference? I doubt it! I expect all the believers in power cords to start chiming in! Remember the words of Mr.Spock the Vulcan: "The capacity of Humans for self delusion is apparently unlimited".
The aftermarket power cord business is there to satisfy the emotional needs of insecure obsessive neurotics - and extract money from their wallets!
Lets ignore Star Trek for a second and assume all cables have sonic signatures, which they do.

I went through 6 power cables over the last year. All had their own signatures and that signature was mostly retained between different components.

There are many discussions on this topic. First decision is the sound signature you are looking for. Detail, warmth, etc. then order in that price range with a return policy.

If you follow these type of threads here you will notice everybody recommending something different. Even if someone says xyz sounds good to them it might not to your ears or with your component mix.

Enjoyment in this hobby is trying different things.

The good news is that with all the quality direct sellers these days it’s easy to try cables at home and return them if they don’t work for you.  I’ll mention Cullen Cable, Triode Wire Labs, Audio Envy, and Raven Audio as some reputable and reasonably-priced brands to try.  You’ve got a good amp, and frankly I’d be surprised if you didn’t hear some meaningful improvements over the stock PC.  If you don’t have it already, power conditioning is also important for Class-D amps and is well worth exploring too.  Best of luck. 
ask e.j. at w4s... he is responsive to emails!

for suggestions for generally very good, and good value cables, i agree w many of the names soix mentions
I've been impressed with the Raven Audio power cords etc. A lot of bang for the buck, very well made and reasonably priced.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Any thoughts on Shunyata? They seem to have some scientific proof that there cables actually improve sound.
Stay away from Pangea.  I tried them and they sucked the life out of my system, back they went to Audio Advisor. I use Shunyata exclusively in my systems. 
Shunyata power cords are good however they can get pricey.
My suggestion is a lot of bang for the smaller dollar spent.
To beat the Raven Audio power cord (and a few other brands) you have to spend hundreds of dollars more.
I’m as guilty as anyone else and I’ll admit it, within several systems I have set up I own many expensive power cords. If you wanted more expensive suggestions I'd recommend in any order: High Fidelity power cords, Cerious Technology Matrix, Less Los C-Marc, Shunyata Anaconda Vx.
I suggest getting a home demo of Clarity Cable Vortex power cords. Google James Romeyn and I’m sure he will send you some to audition. All systems/preferences are different, but in my system I preferred Vortex power cords over Shunyata Sigmas, Wireworld Platinum, Audioquest Hurricanes, Audioquest Dragons, and High Fidelity CT-2 power cords. You results may differ.
+2, soix. 
I use Audio Envy in my system. I would recommend their Ocean Mega 3 for your Integrated. 
Stay away from Pangea!