Power Cable recommendations for Pass Labs X250

Looking for suggestions on power cables for my Pass Labs X250.
Mine is a simple 2-channel system with Audio Aero Capitole MKII through SPM to Pass through music hose to CLSIIz's on Sound Anchor stands. The PC on the Aero is Shunyata Black Mamba. I don't have a lot of experience with PCs, but my (non listening) research indicates Electraglide Fat Man 2K, Elrod signature III, Sunyata Python are all good candidates.
OK here it is. I have tried many cables on the Pass labs X-250 that I own. Starting with MAS, JPS Labs Power AC, Audience, TG Audio SLVR, AZ Tsunami, Kimber Palladium, Virtual Dynamics Nite, KWorks power cord, Shunyata Taipan, Custom Power 11, Elrod Signature 3. If you wnat to spend the money the Elrod is very good. If not the Kimber is very good as is the VD Nite. Some of the least expensive cords were very good, IMHO the AZ Tsunami really relaxed the amp, and have great details. The funny thing is the power cord from a local shop here in NYC area KWorks was stunning for about 10% of the price of the Elrod. Is the Elrod better, well yes on some CDs and SACDs but the extra money could be spend to add value to other areas of your system that could potentially make a begger sonic improvement. If you are interested, I would pass along the manufacturer of the cable to you and he does aloow auditons of the cord. Very flexible and the desing is uncompromised IMHO.

I have both the Elrods and KWorks power cord in and out of my system now for further comparisions.

Email me if you are interested or want to chat more. I am not involved with this or any manufacturer in any way.

I like the Virtual Dynamics Nite PC. It works with anything and is uncolored, breathes space and pinpoint accuracy into your system.