power cable recommendation needed

My set up:
CDP: Bryston BCD-1
AMP: Woo Audio WA5 300B single
Speakers: Spendor SP2/3 R2
Interconnect cable: Nordost Red Dawn
Speaker cable: Cardas Neutral Reference
Favorite music genre: Classic and Jazz
Can you give me some recommendation on power cables for CDP and AMP? Thank you in advance!
What's your price range ?

Below $200 for used. Thanks.
It would probably be overkill but for the amp the previous generation of PS Audio PCs are available from Hong Kong for under $200 new, The Statement and Primer SC are both very good, I have 2 of each. I have bought some here and some overseas and they appear to be the same, not surprising as they are manufactured in China. Too stiff for the CDP unless it is quite heavy or you use a weight on it. They have removable ground pins which sometimes gives better sound.
I forgot to add that I also use Spendor and Cardas speaker wire.
I would probably first change and upgrade interconnects and speaker cables. Power cords are the final touch.