Power Cable Recommendation

I need some new power cables,2 of them. Budget is 200. All I have is stock on my bedroom system. I have a MF A5 cd player, Unison Unico SE Integrated, and GMA Callisto speakers. The thing is I need them to be really flexable. I do have some other aftermarket power cables laying around, but they are to stiff to put in this system.
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I picked up a Musical Fidelity A5 CD player a while back but only experimented with 2 powers cords. The VH Audio Flavor 4 and a JPS Labs Digital AC.
The JPS Labs cord was audibly better in my system, really made it shine. The folks at usedcable.com recomend this PC for the A5, I got mine for 200 thru them. It's pretty flexable too.
Happy hunting.
These XLO References are excellent 12 AWG cords, well shielded, good Hubbell connectors etc. Not "floppy" flexible, but bend easily and won't pull your equipment off the rack:


This guy has only one. I'll sell you two for $150 if you want.
For the CD player I would recommend a Cardas, real silent!
For the amp a PS Audio is the best. I have a flexible 4ft long Cardas Hexlink and a brand new 1,5 m PS Plus to sell
for $200!
Sounds like a job for a $14 volex, don't hurt yourself.

No way on the PS Audio. I have the Statement. My rack is against the wall in my bedroom. There is no way I can bend that cord to fit it between the amp and the outlet or surge protector. Thanks for the Cardas rec. though. I will look into it.
Kclone, VH Audio Flavor 4 will not be flexible at all. It'll require about 8-9 inches of clearance.
Audience will be great for your cd player, but it may run more than $200. Flexible as can be though.
Another one, but not as good on digital as the Audience is, the Diamondback by Shunyata. You may be able to get 2 of them for a little over 200. Flexible enough to work with.