Power Cable recipes? Do you have a good one?

I have made several attempts at constructing power cords. Cosmetically they need work but they both provided a significant improvement to the sound of my system.
Do you have a recipe that might be better than what I have found so far?
Tell me your, I will tell mine :~)
Yes : )

Put me in the same boat as Dbuil. Sean
Hi Nrchy...I'm not sure if you're familiar with the "Bob Crump" power cord recipe or not, but you can easily find it by doing a search on AudioAsylum. Many people seem to think it's pretty good (I've never heard one).
The cords I've made are recipes I've gleened from audio asylum. I've made the amplifier cord and the cord for front-end pieces and I'm going to make the cord for digital equipment next. I recently got an SCD 777-ES which has the IEC connector on the back so I have to replace the cord. I was just curious to know if there were a lot more recipes out there. I guess they must be secrets from the responses I've gotten so far.
Nrchy, i said what i said as i intend to market my designs. That is, if i can ever get my act together. Don't look for anything soon : ) Sean
Nothing is secret…
We just wanted to help but at least you let us know what you already have…
Anyway here’s a few:








Hope it help