Power Cable recc for NAD M10

Stevie G's recent video is swaying me to buy a cable.  Many options, little information/reviews.  Looking for recommendations say up to $300 or so.  AQ? Cardas?
Build your own. Get some Furutech plugs and cable. FP-S032N $35 ft.
FI-11M cu. $55
FI-11M cu IEC $54
Minimum I’d go on the M10 is a 12 gauge cable and with the DAC keep it a shielded cable.
VH AUDIO is a great source to buy.

If a three ft. cable works, you’re around $300. You’ll have a killer cable.
+1 Audio Envy, also Raven Audio, Cullen Cable, and Triode Wire Labs worth exploring along with rolling your own as above.  Best of luck.