Power cable management

Is there any consensus on what to do with power cords that are too long? I figure the options are:

1). Coil neatly
2). Wrap neatly back and forth kind of like a bow tie
3). Leave as a rats nest and try to ignore it

I am currently employing option 3 but would like to staighten it up a little. This is for relatively flexible captive power cords on some older equipment I have. I also have some stuff that takes UECs but my aftermarket cords are made to just about the right length so there isn't really any excess to worry about.
You can get a PC made to your specifications, if you don't mind spending some money.

I agree that a cord too long is not what you want.

Try calling Mike at Verastar.

He is a bit expensive... or shop around as there are others, too.
With captive cables you could always cut them to length and install much better plugs than what are on there. Even if they are just 2 prong you don't have to wire the ground lug on the upgraded plugs. That's a pretty easy mod.
I tie captive cables in the "bow tie" and bind them with velcro straps. That is if you don't want to cut them. I usually don't cut them in case I sell or move it to another location. One other option I have done is weave the excess back and forth under the component, but that usually works its way out.
I think both coil or bow tie are bad .. I think it will maybe induce eddy current, or act as an anthena if they are not poperly insulated.
Cutting is a problem both because of resale AND: sooner or later you will wish you had NOT cut the cord because you want to move it around. Of the five or so items I had cut the power cord.. either they wound up in the dumpster, or I had to rewire them back to a longer cord.
Just learn to arrange the power source/stuff to be the right distance.. Then the cords have a use.
I make every effort to have power cords not touch the floor using Suspendors, a ceramic isolator. I also seek to have them cross each other at right angles or close to it. Of late I have been using charged cables which might be insensitive to being on the floor, etc. I have not found that to be the case, less sensitive yes but not insensitive.
I am doing pretty much the same thing as Tbg. The only difference is that I use pvc plumbing pieces to lift the cables and where the cables do come into contact with one another I use a cotton ball to seperate them. I don't know if it improves the sound but I like it.
Anyone else have any ideas? Has anyone coiled or folded the cords and had problems afterwards?
IME there has been no difference sonically whether PC's were touching or not, and certainly didn't hear a difference if they were touching in parallel, perpendicular etc. I try to keep mine off the floor and away from speaker cables and interconnects, after that just try to be as neat as possible.

FWIW one power cord to a monoblock is pretty much circumnavigating the power strip it is plugged into, as that's the best way considering all options.