power cable male plug ends

I recently purchased a vpi sds - with the 'new' iec connector that is recessed, which means my fancy audiophile cords won't fit when I try to plug into the unit...
I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a manufacturer that produces a more standard, yet still hi-fi-ish male end...I could make my own cord, or modify an existing one. I have checked the usual sources (amd may have overlooked something, so please chime in) - furutech, etc, and no-one seems to carry such an animal.
The recessed cutout on the sds measures a tiny 1.25" x 1.25"
appreciate any input...thanks
The basic, good old Schurter 4781 should do fine. The end of that plug measures 7/8" x 5/8". Many, many cords at the $500 price point or so use this IEC. DIY, the plug runs about $6.00.
Howdy photon46:
thanks for the response, but that's not it..I need a male end, like you'd find on a lamp...not a recessed male 'inlet' that this appears to be. I have a recessed female end that I need to plug into.
Maybe I'm just not getting it...can you post a link?
thanks a mil...
Sorry, I read "IEC" and assumed female. If you need a small ac male end, you're probably consigned to buy a pre-made cord with molded connectors. The best one that comes to mind is the Shunyata Diamondback. I don't own one, so I can't measure it. Shunyata doesn't publish specs on that design aspect, so perhaps you can call a dealer and ask about dimensions. Galen Carol Audio (and others, just Google) is having a 1/2 price sale on the cord and I'm sure he'd happily measure the plug dimensions to make sure they'd fit. I also thought of the Iron Lung Jelly Fish cord, but that has a round male connector that looks too large.