Power Cable from wall to my conditioner?

Hello, I have dedicated house lines and PS Audio receptacles for my stereo system.  I use an Isotek Aquarius conditioner that came with Isotek's entry level power cord.  I would like to find a better power cord to serve my conditioner but something that won't break the budget. I want a cord that will not restrict electrical flow and deliver all the open power it can to my Isotek which, in turn, serves my entire system.  My components are:
Old Wadia 581(rarely use anymore)
deHavilland Ultraverve preamp
Bryston 14BSST power amp
Bluesound node 2i feeding a Chord Qutest DAC
Purist anniversary bi-wired cables feeding B&W 802 diamond speakers
The tubed deHavilland serves to "warm up" and give air to my systems overall sound (this is the sound I like).  I wonder, do I want a copper configured power cord for the Isotek, or a copper-silver or something else?  Any ideas.  I understand that many of you may think "you just have to listen and go from there"...of course that is the bottom line.  But my thinking is maybe some of you might have strong feelings about which way to go and could help narrow the search?  Thank you, Jim
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You didn’t mention your budget, but: Synergistic Research offers a variety of PCs, over a wide price range.     I own a couple and have been very happy camper.     The Cable Company has a lending library, the rental costs of which, will be applied to any purchase,     Try one. I’ll bet you like it. https://www.usedcable.com/power-cables/synergistic_research.html      ps:  Mind your IEC amperage configuration.
Right. Synergistic Research all the way. One of the best things about SR, not only are they always exceptional value, but they have been for so many years there's a lot in the used market. This makes Synergistic the only cable maker I can safely recommend just find one within your budget and buy it. From the original Master Coupler to more recent Blue you should be able to find quite a few under/around $500. 
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Steakster...If I may ask, what is the relative cost of the Cerious power cable that you recommend?  Thanks, Jim 
The price depends on the length. Click on the link below for more info.

Cerious Technologies offer two lines:
- Graphene Extreme
- Graphene Matrix

For the power conditioner (and amps), I’m referring to the Graphene Matrix. I’m not a believer in the full-loom approach - aka: one size fits all.

The Syncro would be great but it is 1.5X the cost of the Aquarius. Another lower-priced option is the IsoTek Optimum. I have several of these and really like what they do. They bested PS Audio P3 and P5 cords as well as Nordost Heimdall 2 on both my amp and my preamp; I would not go back for sure. I’m looking to get another Optimum for my server next.
My recommendation is (without taking into account your current experience with cables and your budget) is to explore cables that have frequent resale here and on the other secondary market platforms. This way if you try one, and you find something better, you can sell the outgoing cable easily. Those brands would include Audioquest, Shunyata Research, DH Labs, Zu Audio, and others. Personally I use on my systems, Audioquest Tornados and Shunyata Delta HR cables going into PS Audio PowerPlants. 
I would take the advice of renting some cables from The Cable Company.  They usually give good advice and have very good knowledge of component matching.   Is there something missing in your system or would like to change? 
What component should I start with to replace the power cable?
Preamp, DAC, Amps?  Fuse or cord first? Dedicated breaker and line first ? I’m not sure what step is next. Looking to you experienced audiophiles for answers.
I can’t help with your power cord quest but I would like to ask about your node 2i and the Qtest Dac. I have the node 2i and want to upgrade to a better Dac than the internal node Dac. How much of a difference did the Qtest make. I have a PrimaLuna EVO 400 integrated and Klipsch Forte III speakers. 
@Kingbarbuda What's the point in putting a high end power cable into a PS Audio regenerator?  Isn't that the purpose of the regenerator, to take bad power and make it pure?
Why spend thousands on a PS Audio power regenerator if it doesn't fix the crappy romex in the walls? 

I've been in the same situation trying Transparent, Shunyata, NBS, Nordost power cords from the wall to my Tice conditioner. Ended up a week ago with Anticables Level 3 power cord being greatly impressed and ordered 3 more. Definitely give it a try, and you can always return them if not satisfied!
Hello, If you are going from the wall to the conditioner I would go for thicker gauge copper wire. On the cheep, amazon makes some decent cables. Higher end I would go PS Audio 12. You can get used ones all over the place. I believe they use solid copper vs. stranded. After the conditioning you can start experimenting with silver and different gauges. I am partial to Nordost Blue Heaven, especially when it comes to the source equipment. What ever you do make sure you can try it first or be able to return it. Amazon lets you return. Try to get all the cables you are considering for the specific reason at the same time so you can compare apples to apples. Start with the cheapest and move up until you can not hear a difference. Finally, is that final cable worth the price, if not go down one. 
@f1status1    My best advice is to start at the source and take your time. If you can create a dedicated line for your system that is a great start. But if you can't do that, a quality dedicated wall receptacle for the source of your system is a good thing.  Next (and I have had audiophile friends who swear by this), A conditioner or regenerator that most, or all, of your components can be plugged into. After that, take your time and carefully think about your component power cords, interconnects, system rack, etc.  But again, the one thing that would be the best initial tweek is a good conditioner/regenerator.  The key is going slowly and to visit your doctor before you start and see if he has the latest inoculation for Audio Nervosa!  Good luck and keep it fun.  Jim
If sound quality is what you are after, choose from a manufacturer with decades of empirical data compiled: whatever Transparent Audio power cable you can afford, or likewise from Shunyata Research. I can and have made good sounding power cables, but not near the sound quality of these two!
I have the PS Audio Dectet conditioner and their PerfectWave AC5 power cord----works great. 
Cullen Cable Crossover II.  Terrific PC and not 1K.  Liberal return policy.
Shunyata. They have so much more experience than most everyone else. Their first Hydra Conditioner shook the market. Their products are still some of the best, especially their lower priced products.
What all power cords have you tried in the $1000 range that were bettered by the Cerious Technologies Matrix? His products interest me but other than knowing he uses Graphene (a good thing) he's very tight lipped about materials and specs. 
I've spent many years trying out different power conditioners and power cords. The best I have found is the Audioquest Niagara 5000 conditioner and their hurricane power cords. Now of course this all depends on the electricity coming to your home. 
Good Morning Pfeiffer,
I recently explored this exact scenario.  I have two systems, one PS AUDIO DS DAC, BHK Pre, And BHK 250 amp with B&W N 802's, and the second with Auralic G2 DAC, AudioNet Preamp, Classe Audio CA 2300 amp and Revel Studio 2 Salon2's.  I had upgrade ALL my PC's to fairly inexpensive PC's ( int he $200 range) as I felt I should, but no big improvements noted.

So I decided, like others have suggested, to call the Cable Company and try some upgraded cables.  I have read lots, from 'upgraded power cables don't make a difference' to the other extreme of expensive cables do matter.  I guess I was 'skeptical', as I had not heard much difference so far...

Steve at the Cable Company is fantastic.  He asked what price range, and I had no idea.  He suggested trying cables from Shunyata, Synergistic Research and Audience.

Well, I think that people who state that upgraded cables do not make a difference either:
1) have not heard good cables
2) do not have a system resolving enough to hear the difference
3) can not hear these differences.

I was blown away by the improvement of replacing the main cord into my Inacustik 3500p power conditioner (nice, check it out).

All the cables, although each different, were an obvious improvement in clarity, bass, imaging etc.  MY lady and I could always tell an improvement.

The newer SR and Audience bested the older Shunyata.  I ended up going through multiple trials and moving up the line of both SR and Audience.  Drat!  I could hear all the improvements! 

I ended up buying 4 Audience Cables, all Audience AU24 SX power cables, and replaced the main line to the Power conditioner and the PC to my amps, so two for each system.  I further experimented with replacing the cables to the DAC's and Pre amps, but here the improvements were minimal..as if I had fixed things with two cables.

All the cables I purchased from the Cable Company were used or demo's, at 30 or 40% of retail.  Also the  Audience cable lines are clearly defined, and sell easily on the resale market.  Other companies seem to have so many models it is confusing and resale is more uncertain.

So my take away was clearly that nice cables do make a huge difference.

I did spend some bucks here...but the price of two power cables, while high, improved my systems more than a new component could.

At least now I know..for the price of a deposit and shipping, I got to
A / B compare over and over IN MY SYSTEM WITH MY EARS.

I have since explored and upgraded my XLR interconnects as well
with Audience AU 24 SX.  Another clear enhancement. (to us).

Finally, the Audience cables are just esthetically and functionally nice.
They are not overly thick and easy to manage.  There are no accessories to plug in etc.  The SE models are so flexible...I wanted to be here...price too...but the AU 24 SX sound amazing.  After hooking up and changing over and over you quickly learn what is easy and what is cumbersome.

In summary I tired lots, and now know.  Yes there are other brands I did not explore, but Steve's guidance was fantastic.  I spent basically the cost of a component, and I feel the value and change were well worth it.

If I now change a component, I have the Power Cable ready.

Hope this helps...enjoy the journey!

Ken in Maryland.

You have made a considerable investment in your system. You also recognize the importance of power delivery to get the most out of your components. The more clean power you are able to get to your components the better they will perform. However it seems like you are only committed to go so far when it comes to investing in your power delivery.

This may lead you to make choices that are steps sideways rather than forward towards achieving your goal. As a guide - Ideally one should invest 25-30% of your all in component MRSP in power delivery. That does not necessarily mean that you actually have to shell out that much. How you get there is up to you. From what I read I surmise that your investment in power delivery so far is less than 5%. -  I highly recommend taking advantage of the used market. 

In order to maximize clean electrical flow (in a cost effective manner) to deliver as much power to your entire system -  IMHO..This how I would approach it, use what ever info you feel is best for you.

Your Conditioner -  Isotek Aquarius if happy keep it - 
But a substantial upgrade for around the same investment you made - 

Audience - aR2p

Power distributor - Oyaide MTB R1
There are some listed on Ebay, - The R1 is the best option

Power Chords - 
The ones that have been recommended earlier on are certainly respectable
Others to consider..

Analysis Plus


Also The cable Co. is a good resource they have lending Library to try out cables.

Are you using stock power chords from your conditioner to your components? If so I would Upgrade those as well. Begin with your DAC. I am not sure why you are not using the DAC on the Wadia 581. I would think it sounds much better,  but if its not for you - sell it and put the proceeds towards your power. Good Luck.

I have a Matrix cable feeding my P15 regenerator.  Also tried Cerious extream Blue and HF revel. All had a different sound over stock. Only took a minute to know which sounded best for my deal.

If I had it do over I'd the Matrix and the SR blue. Both have good return policies so keep the that sounded better. 

I've never found anyone that has tried both. From each camp folks tried one of these and never looked further 

Perhaps you can do the compare and share your findings

Before breaking the bank, look seriously at www.signalcable.com . I'm using the silver resolution with a 20 amp IEC for my front end electronics through my Hydra 6. It replaced my Python Alpha Helix which cost 1k new. More resolution with no downside.
Or you can just get a Jelly Fish Hospital Grade green dot cable that's pretty amazing, but it cost way less than the rest of those voodoo cables so it may not work for you.

Any of you guys ever been in a real life recording studio or broadcast facility??

I didn't  think so either....