Power Cable for Yggdrasil DAC

Owners of Yggdrasil, have you upgraded your Power Cable (so many options)? If so, to what PC and what are your findings. Awaiting my TWL Digital American PC.

Thanks in advance for responses.
I found the PC to the Yggdrasil to have a large effect on my overall system sound. I've tried four different PCs . I started with a Kaplan HE that I had. It’s unshielded with red copper connectors. Very open sound, great dynamics, but gray background and a bit “course”.

Thought I’d try a shielded cable and picked up an Oyaide Black Mamba. Less, open (probably the light shield) than the Kaplan, but still acceptable. Very smooth and transparent. A little light in the bass for me, so decided to try something else.

Picked up some Furutech FP-S022N cable and terminated it with FI-28 (G) IEC and FI-50(G) ends. Really excellent cable. A bit more warmth than the Black Mamba. Good details, smooth, nice soundstaging. Not slow sounding. The only downside is it seemed to be a bit closed in, and had less micro-dynamics compared to the Kaplan. That is probably a consequence of the extra shielding the Furutech cable uses. The background is certainly blacker with the shielded cables.

Decided to try a shielded cable with a different shield method. Picked up a Lessloss C-Marc. It appears this has all the attributes I seek. Very open, good soundstaging, black background, transparent – good details, good dynamics, organic tone, and a pinch warm. Perhaps not as smooth as the Black Mamba in the mids, but still quite smooth. The C-Marc appears to be a keeper for me.

Hope you find the TWL to your liking. If not, you might want to consider a C-Marc. I believe Lessloss has a 30 day return period.


Thanks for your in-depth response, very helpful information.
I'm using all WyWires Silver series in my whole system so I use the Juice 2 power cable. Very nice!
I updated my Yggy (A2) to the TWL Digital American & am very happy with it. The best way I can describe it is the Digital American provides more detail across the board in all frequencies. Excellent cable. I will say though that the bigger improvement in sound was when I replaced the PC on my Innuos ZENith MK II with the Digital American as well. That change out was much more profound than the improvement from the Yggy. I think you will be very happy with it. The Yggy already sounds incredible and the Digital American will polish up any congested / crowded audio sections. Enjoy!
I’ve not heard the Yggy but agree above WyWires are wonderful power cables and I have a couple Silver Juice II standards and HC models, plus a Platinum HC I just received today. Currently I use/prefer Nordost Vishnu for my digital equipment but that being said I have not tried the Digital version of the Silver Juice II so I might try one to see how they hold up to the Vishnu’s. Alex of WyWires does take trades of other manufacturer cables towards his so can’t hurt to inquire. Alex has given me several great deals - very fair and easy to work with.
Thanks for the responses everyone. The TWL DAPC is performing really well with the Yggy. It’s a keeper. Now looking at getting the TWL HPDA PC for my Simaudio 700i Integrated amp. Planning on it delivering like the DA did with the Yggy.