Power Cable for Wadia 302 cd

I am currently looing for anyone that has taken the time to audition power cords for the Wadia 302 cd player. I just purchased a new unit and will be looking to upgrade from the original cord fairly soon. I am also looking for one to go with my Krell KAV-400xi integrated. I have had a couple of recommendations so far the Audience cable to go with the Wadia and the Pure Note Paragon for the Krell integrated. Any one else have suggestions?
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Don't get too anxious about replacing the cord on this unit. Out of the box it sounded like a POS. Mine is now about 6 weeks old, I ran it continuously for 7 days and have have used it 2 to 3 hours a day ever since and its just now smoothing out and becoming competitive with my other DAC/CDP's now. I'm just using a heavy guage Belden PC. Wait 'til you are no longer noticing changes before you start checking out PC's. FWIW, since I'm sure you will play with it, driving an amp direct didn't work well for me at all - too much shift in tonal balance. FWIW I'm really starting to like the unit's sonic signature. The highs are now much smoother, less prominent because of that, the mids are very detailed, and the bass very dynamic. Much different overall presentation than my other stuff. My first non tube thingee in many years!
I use a Signal Cable sheilded digital power cord with my Wadia 302. I have been very happy...and it is inexpensive!
you can also check out Acoustic Zen Tsunami Plus for your Krell. This cord works good with amps, especially if you need to smooth out the highs without loss of detail. Shunyata Taipan would be another good cord to consider, but more money than the Audience or AZ.
Have you tried talking to John Shaeffer at Wadia?
Thanks to all of you who sent in great suggestions!! I am familiar with the 302's sound and have always wanted one, it wasn't until now that I could really afford it. The unit will need to be broke in so I will give it pleanty of time to do so before I audition any PC.
As for the suggestion for my Krell integrated I appreciate the info, I am wrinting down all of the cords suggested so I will have a decent list to audition.
I am a bit surprised as to your experience running straight to amplification "Newbee". The dealer I purchased the 302 from thought that I would be better served if I ran the 302 directly out of the amp. The Krell may indead end up being only a temporary fix until I purchase the Ayre V-1xe. He thought that I would get a noticble improvement in sound if I ran the 302 directly from the V-1xe or V-5xe, but I think all would agree that both amps are a notch higher thant the Krell integrated. Also I know that you have to set the senseativity at the correct level to make sure that you are reaching at least 65 on the volume control of the 302. From what I have read if the level is set too low that you will loose some of the musicality of the player.
As for talking to Mr. Shaeffer I have not done that, but will keep that option open.
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David, The great thing about the volume control is you get to try the alternatives for free and reach your own conclusion. My experience might just have been a result of poor system interface (I did try the various output levels trying to maintain as high as possible a setting on the VC without putting the amp into clipping) or my sonic preference for the tone imparted by my pre-amp. Enjoy!
I've got a Wadia 830 with ref mods from Great Northern Sound. I think Steve @ GNS likes the Virtual Dynamics PCs which have a great reputation but are a bit pricey.

I have been using a VH Audio Flavor 4 with Furutech connectors on my 830 with excellent success. I've also recently acquired a Black Sand Silver Reference cable with Furutech connectors for a different purpose but have found it to work extremely well on the Wadia as well. Both of these PCs are amazing for the price.
I've tried several power cords with my 301 and, for me, the cardas golden reference always comes out on top. You might talk to Steve at Great Northern Sound. Also, I had Steve mod my 301 and it took it to another level altogether. Next, I have run the 301 direct to my amps and also through my preamp (CJ 16LS2). The results were different, but I would not say one was better than the other. I found running the 301 through the preamp made it a little pretter and made the image a little more cohesive. I found running the 301 direct to be a little more detailed. I chose to run it through the preamp, but I know some people would prefer it direct and I could argue it either way. Play with the dip switches to find the gain you like with your system. You may like something other than neutral. Lastly, doing blind a/b testing (to the extent that we could) we found that there was a slight improvement by keeping the volume setting at 100 compared to settings below about 92 or so. However, the difference is slight in my system and I run it in the 70 to 90 range a lot. In other words, I found it more important to set the dip switch where I like it most of the time and if I'm listening to low volume I don't change the dip switch, I just lower the 301's volume. Hope any of that helps. Jeff