Power cable for Transport

Hi, I was wondering if it's worthwhile to spend a few buck on a power cord on a transport since it transfer only digital data.

I was using my power cord with my Cd player, now I bought a DAC, ans now I'm using it with the DAC, so I wonder if should get a power cord for the tranport.

thank you.
In the various systems I own, I always hear an improvement with an upgrade quality power cord. Even with my transport.

I'm a staunch supporter of power cords as THE place to get substantial gains... just about regardless the component.

I use by definition now, several transports feeding my DAC. Regardless the CDP, DVDP, or PC, everyone of them offers a different perspective into the sound, and many just outright are improved upon noticeably.

Most often those spinning items fare better with a more capacitant cable, but not always... I'd say 80% or so though. It'll depend on your system, and your preffs.

Personally I like the VX cords from Shunyata or for less $$$ maybe a Voodoo Black Dragon. There's lots out there designed just for spinning gear. Good luck.

Another tact too, might be a standard straight forward cable as for amps, & preamps, plugged into a good power filter/conditioner.
I've always had good results using the Omega Mikro active PCs.They offer filtering of the third-prong (common),where all the digital artifacts dwell.There are two colors-red/in-phase and blue/inverted.The 100W version can be had from their website for $550 and has a return policy.
The red/blue issue depends on how the transformer is wired-you will notice a difference.
$550 PC???
I've had very good luck with the Signal Cable product. I use their Magic PC on my analog gear and the Digital Reference PC on my digital gear, including my transport. The Magic PC starts at $59 and the Digital Reference PC at $69. Excellent value and performance.
I'll check for a power cable for my transport when time come, I'm using a power cable for my DAC and AMP, It make a great difference. I'm using gutwire product.

thank you.
I have found PC on the transport always makes the biggest and best impact. PC's on components after that almost always make a difference but not necessarily for the better - just different.
I have similar experiences with those that have noticed improvements when mating the right PC with the right component.

I've found the VH audio Flavor 4 and the older Virtual Dynamics Power 3 power cord to be both very good with transports.
Yes power cords can make a significant improvement on a dac --transport--cdp --pwr line cond --pre amp --amp--subs- even electrostaic speakers can benefit --but balance the cost of the item with the cost of the pwr cord--ie a 800 dollar transport with a 3000 dollar pwr cord- may sound great but it makes more sense to use a less expensive cord- try to find the best bang for the buck and the pwr cord with the most synergy for your system--it can be rewarding and frustrating--note the most expensive is not always the best.
Putting a pair of $5 snap-on ferrite cores on a stocked power cord will be just as effective as an expensive audiophile power cable.
It would seem logical to expect that the biggest benefit of upgrading the power cord on a transport would be that the good quality shielding it presumably provides will prevent digital noise generated within the transport from radiating from the power cord into other parts of the system.

Depending on many unpredictable variables, in any particular application that may be most effectively accomplished by ferrite cores, by an inexpensive cable upgrade, by an expensive cable upgrade, or just by careful routing of cables and power cords. Experimentation in the particular system would seem to be the only way to tell.

-- Al
Noise supression and quieting are not the only characteristics of the power cords I mentioned... nor for that sort of money should one expect ONLY those aspects. IMO. A larger, blacker sound stage, more extension and better bass impact and resolution also come in the bargain.... and as well a noticeable smoothness across the frequency bandwidth occurs. The Python is the more dramatic of the two I posted above. The newer Python Helix vx isn't quite so velvety as the older (red) Python, and yields more resolution and a deeper set sound stage containing more rear of stage info. The red is more an up front presentation.

JPS Digital pc also is noteworthy for much less $$$. It will definitely reduce digital noise though not add those other features the VooDoo or Puython's do.

Personally, as was posted above, if I could find or had found a pc for under $100 which did the job, and that one may well do it, I'd post about it instead. I've not tried those however.

Again, there are outlets too you can replace your current ones with which will likely help too and Porter outlets are $36 ea.

Keeping the digital gear off the same ckt as the power gear should help too.
Marakanetz:These list at $1050.Please judge their performance,not the price.If not liked,they can be returned.
I could buy used Gibson Songwriter for these money... ~1100.