Power Cable for Simaudio Moon i 3.3 Integrated Amp

Recently I purchased Moon i 3.3 Integrated Amplifier and I
really liked the sound of Simaudio Integrated Amplifiers so I was thinking to upgrade to Moon 600i but I gave up so now
I want to upgrade i3.3 with DAC card and good Power Cable.
I would really appreciate suggestions. Thanks in advance.
You can buy something like a Signal brand cable for about $50 and hear sonic benefits; after that, the sky is the limit! Everyone has their favourite brand of cable and will no doubt offer valid opinions regarding each. You should set a budget and research cables in that price range.


Cardas is known to work well with Moon amplifiers. In fact some of their higher end amps come with Cardas power cords.
I'm having very good results with Audience PowerChords. There are a number of original and "e" versions for sale now on Audiogon. Try an original and see what you think.
I had the predecessor to the I 3.3; the I-5080. It really rocked-out with Cardas cabling, admittedly. I now use Virtual Dynamics power cables and Audience IC's and speaker leads.

I think Cardas AND Audience would be good directions to try; Cardas would be fuller and bass-heavy while Audience might be more 'neutral' ?
I have all Nordost cabling. I love their house sound. I would suggest trying a Nordost Vishnu power cable. It should be at the right level of performance for your amp
I have had the I-3SE, I-5, and I-7. I started with Signal as Bryn mentioned in his post. Though better than the stock cord, there are better without spending a lot of money. That said, I have found better results focusing on the interconnect and speaker cable before seriously looking at the power cable. If you are happy with your ic's and speaker cables then spend reasonably on the power cable.