Power cable for REL subwoofer

I have a REL Stadium II & I Am looking for power cord recommendations from REL owners. What has worked & what hasn't.
Lwin although i havn't tried any others, i have a pr of stadium 11's and use BMI custom reference eel's inplace of the stock pc's with positive results, tighter more dynamic bass. The eel's are sold on auction here at the site for a very reasonable price. BMI has come out with a new pc called the Whale which i beleive will work exceptionly well with your Rel. You can ck it out on the auction site under "BMI Whale". Hope this helps
You might consider just trying some Belden 19364 and a Pass & Seymour 5266-x. You can pick up this combo for less than $20.00 and at least you will have a quality reference for anything else that you try. You can give me a hollar if you want any more details.
I have only used the stock power cord and the Harmonic Technology Pro AC-11 and the H.T. offers a more defined pitch, and helps instruments to sound "full sized". It would be nice to audition other power cords, but I am satisfied at this particular cost/performance point.
Get real Kevperro !! I built a number of Do it Yourself power cords and other cables in general with Belden cables and Pass & Seymour, Hubble etc. combinations. And I must say, the results are not good. My motto is that I spent this much money (+40K) on my audio equipment, I am not taking any short cuts on do it yourself stuff. There is a reason why that Belden cable is $.50 a foot, because it's Crap. Let the pros build the cables and same as the other categories. We can also build $10K speakers and amplifiers for about $1000, but guess what it will not sound as good. You are kidding yourself if you think your statemsnt is true. Go for it Kevperro !!
Timber: What you choose to spend your money on is strictly your prerogative . I am just recommending a cord that a Professional audio cable maker has recommended as a cheap reference for comparing cables. As to your comment that the Belden cable is "crap", I can just point you to the following links for more information and say that you are certainly entitled to your opinion. If it is based upon listening test in your system it is certainly better than mine. http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/cables/messages/7885.html http://www.audioasylum.com/audio/cables/messages/13538.html