Power cable for REL sub -- modestly priced

Does anyone have a suggestion for a longer cord for a REL 328 sub? It has a class D amp.
Before you suggest high dollar cords, please know that I'm not a skeptic, but am tapped out for power cords. And, for what it's worth, I had a Pangea AC9 1 meter power cord which I experimented with using my REL. Made zero difference. In fact, in an exchange with REL, they said this: "A while back, REL tested some third party power cords with our subs but did not find a noticeable impact."

So, my question is about a decently made but not pricey brand of extension cord for a REL sub. I'm not looking for Shunyata etc.  Any suggestions? Thanks.
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 $$$ owerades cables do do nothing....And for a sub even more so, if there was any interference. it would be at the high end and well you are talking about a sub,,,,If your sub turns on your good