Power Cable for PSA Perfectwave MK2

Has anyone found a pc that works well with the PSA Perfectwave MK2? I am looking for realism, inner detail and deep soundstage with no gremlins in the upper mids / lower treble.
Tekline the Reference works well, Analysis plus good but not quite the detail quality of Tekline. USB cable quality more important. Regards, Mike.
I use the Mojo Audio Enigma on mine...which I found to improve bass and dynamics. The Triode Wire Labs cords are also quite good.
I use a Shunyata Cobra Zitron. Among the cords I've tried (VH Audio Airsine, Flavor 2 & 4, Fusion Audio Enchanter, Synergistic Research) for my Mk.II this is the best match in my system. Seems to do everything right.

I actually use some of these other cords (the Airsine & Enchanter) in other parts of my system where they do quite well. But for the DAC the Shunyata was the pick.
Elrod Statement II, Shunyata Python CX and currently using HiDiamond Power 3.
Tried many costlier AC cords, but on their units, found still best to use their own. I'm using AC-12s to my Power Plant-1200 and PPP. Most even/balanced tonal overall ~ clean, quiet, full sounding. Perhaps for Perfectwave, the AC-10 would suffice.